Sunday, 5 May 2013

Marathon Training Week 4 of 10

Session 1 - Tuesday (1800hrs - 2000hrs)

4 x 2 miles @ HMP with 90 second recoveries between 4 mile warmup and cooldown.

A repeat of the session I did 2 weeks ago. It felt less stressful (relatively) this time out - the benefit of adaptation. Like 2 weeks ago my reference time was 13 minutes for 8 laps in lane 3 (equivalent to 6:17 pace). After the 4 mile warmup I was at the track,  ready for my first 8 laps, which went by in 13 minutes even. Following the 90 second walking recovery i was off for my 2nd 8 laps and while the pace was challenging, it was manageable. Long story short the remaining 3 intervals went by in 12:58/58/47 (6:16/16/11 pace) pushing the last one over the last few laps just to emulate the closing stages of a race. The 4 mile moderate warmdown was at a steady 7:10 pace (flat route compared to 2 weeks ago)

16.87 miles in 1:59:52 (7:02 pace @ 144 Hr) with 4 x 2 Miles @ 6:17/16/16/11 pace.

Session 2 - Sunday (0900hrs - 1230hrs)

22 Mile easy long run.

This is the longest run on the programme. My long runs todate have averaved around 7:20 pace. This time out I decided to cut back on the pace and increase the mileage - so that I could head to Limerick and pace today's Marathon. Perhaps if I wanted to keep the pace similar to my previous long runs I should have headed out with the sole 3:15 pacer (7:25 pace) but instead decided to stay with clubmate John pulling a few along, including Kate, who was with us all the way from the start. We got a bit carried away over the last mile as Kate was gaining on two girls in front of her and with our encouragement (and injection of a bit of pace) she passed them both and hung on for a 3:28:xx finish, with John and I hanging back until the clock was counting down the last second to 3:30. Another great day out. 37 minute after finishing I received a text with my official chip time (3:29:30) - that must be some sort of record.

26.22 miles in 3:29:30 (7:59 pace @ 125Hr - 620 Hb/Km)

This certainly was one of my most effortless pacing gigs. Don't get me wrong, there were times when the going felt a little tough but overall I was very confortable with my Hr below my MAFF hr of 138 for all but a few minutes.

I took no rest day this week as I made it my highest mileage week of the programme, with the aim of gradually cutting back the mileage in favour of faster paces. 

Weekly mileage - 79 Miles
Avg Weight - 78.1 Kg
RHR 39


  1. Great pacing marathon run Grellan - not only just 30s off target, but a great HR and h/beats per km result. If you divide that by the HR in your 2:59, that'd give you faster than that - 2:54?

    1. Interesting point on the HR Ewen. My 620 Hb/Km would give me under 2:55 for an average 150HR. However I doubt that it is a simple linear relationship between Hb/Km and pace, particularly as my Hr tends to increase by 10 BPM when I have a number pinned to my singlet ;-)

    2. Run without a number ;-)
      I've recorded a lot of data and find that it's linear when running with 'normal form' up to a bit below tempo pace (MAF range?). At slower speeds it's not (walking produces very high h/beats per k numbers). At 5k to HM race pace the numbers are a little better than usual, I think due to more elastic recoil at those speeds and being rested for the race. For marathons I'd guess the curve would drop off again due to HR drift, switch to fat burning and slower speed.

  2. Hi Grellan. Massive thanks from me again

    Here's the link to my race report

    1. Cheers Kate. Well done again on your gutsy sub 3:30.

  3. you should update the marathon history sidebar - 4 clons, 1 wicklow and a limerick to your credit!!!

    1. Spot on Anon. I've been meaning to tidy that up, but since it's getting a bit long I was planning on putting a link on the sidebar instead - once I get round to the technical bit ;-)