Thursday, 7 June 2012

3:30 in pictures

It been a busy week so my belated story of pacing 3:30 in Cork will be largely pictorial. Suffice to say another great day out - the buzz, crowd support, volunteers, camaradie and the satisfaction of getting a few appreciative souls across the finish line on time - well worth a 26.2 mile investment.

PhotoCall with Seamus Cahill 
I Don't know why he posed with Paul and I as he came home just ahead of the 3:15 Baloons.

South Mall, Mile 0.5.
Building up a following.

Camden Quay - Mile 3
Donal O'Sullivan (No. 1532) Stayed with us for the full 26.2. Or should I say we stayed with him.

Silversprings - Mile 5

South Link - Mile 17
A sizeable crew, any pacer would be proud of.
Paul lost his baloon at mile 15.

Patrick Street - Mile 26.15
Looking for Stragglers (Can't even find myself)

Last Few Yards - 3:29:40
Hugh McNulty (No. 1515) Was with us all the way.

3:29:50 - Anyone Else?
Most of our successful Pacees moved ahead to finish in 3:28:xx - Honest.

Chip - 3:29:29
Clock - 3:29:59

Photos Courtesy of Doug Minihane, GearĂ³id Laoi, Peter Mooney, Joe Murphy, Martin Cunningham & Noel Kelleher.


  1. You had a big group going there! I reckon 3:30 is probably a goal of many a weekend warrior - has a good ring to it. Also sub-8 miles and sub-5 ks. Nice pacing job by the looks.

    Something wrong with those photos though. It looks like a lovely sunny typical Aussie day. Where's the rain?!

  2. The guy with the PDM cycle top had me thinking of my cycle racing days, back in the mist of time!
    Well you would not catch me running with a PINK balloon but grat pacing, nice one!

  3. Well done Grellan...bring a spare balloon next time switch it out with black or something....