Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Mon 28th Jan - Scheduled Rest Day. Start of a head cold, tried to avert it with hot whiskey's on monday night (Jameson 12 year old - went down too well), took too many and ended up tuesday morning (4 a.m.) with a worse cold and a hangover. Tue 29th Jan -Unscheduled rest day. Felt absolutely miserable at work. Took more conventional medicine on tuesday night - slept well. Wed 30th Jan -2nd Unscheduled Rest Day and stayed out of work to knock this thing on the head. I wonder is this the central governor's way of avoiding this mornings 8 x 2 min hill repetitions. Next week sees the last of these with 5 x 2 min reps (cut-back week). Then it's into the 400m interval stage for the next 4 weeks in preparation for my programmed 5k race/time trial on the 8th/9th March (I can't find a 5k race nearby and I don't like the idea of a time trial - the measurement could be out and if I get under 19:20 I can hardly call it a PB) Hopefully I will get out tomorrow for an easy run.


  1. Hey - I love the first dose of medication! I typically go w/ either Balvenie or Macallan myself. :)

    Hope you recover soon - I think you'll have no trouble going under 19:20 on your next 5k based on your recent race results.

  2. You could have knocked it on the head by finishing that bad beer you've got in the fridge.

    No 400m all-weather tracks in your area? Still not a race I guess. I agree with Mike - you'll do it. Just put * (in training) after it.

  3. Hope you're feeling better and that you managed to get out for an easy jaunt.