Sunday, 13 January 2008

Just Shy of 60

.............miles for this week. 59.9 to be exact. Finished the week with a 13.5 mile run. Adrian felt it was too wet for a cycle this morning so I took the the roads on foot instead - no sign of rain. I ran in search of a longer hill for my repeats and found a 0.25 mile stretch in town that should do me nicely (well not quite - I find nothing nice about hill reps, except when they're over) Todays run felt much better that yesterday clocking in the 13.5 miles in 01:46:27 (07:53 pace @ 136 HR). Tomorrow's a rest day (ch*@# it's past midnight) - today's a rest day. Took my eldest to see the "Kite Runner" in the cinema tonight (last night) - excellent movie. I'd read the book so I knew what to expect. It was Keevsa who wanted to see it and delighted afterwards that she had. Goodnight.

1 comment:

  1. I have a mate who would have jogged an extra .1 to make it 60.

    Good pace for the 13.5 Grellan. I worked out that 7:53 miles is 4:54 kilometres - anything under 5s seems quick to me.