Sunday, 20 January 2008

Week 5 Done and Dusted.

Sat 19th Jan 15.7 Miles in 02:03:20 (07:51 pace @ No HR Monitor - left it at the gym on friday). Expecting slower pace after friday's fartlek - nice steady run. Sun 20th Jan 9.6 Miles in 01:19:50 (08:19 pace @ 124 HR) - took it nice and easy. Followed up with an easy 15 mile cycle (108 avg HR) with Adrian. Total of 63.4 miles for the week in 08:33 (08:05 pace)


  1. Sounds like a good week, what with the hills, the fartleks, and a nice 15 miler. Or was that 15 kilometers? I am so confused!

    What is your next big race?

  2. Good week Grellan... I know that's over 100k - triple figures always looks good in the diary ;)

  3. Marc my next big race is the Cork City Marathon on June 2nd (BQ hopefully). However as part of the training programme I'm following I have a half marathon 1 month out (4th May), a 10k 2 months out (6th April) and a 5k three months out (none fit the diary date of 9th March but there is one on 10 February).

    Having said that there is a 4 miles on sunday - local business house league so I'm under pressure at work to make up the 3rd person in a team.

    Did Barcelona marathon last march - i'm sorry I'm not going this year - great course and city. Sorry you asked???

    Ewen, I think 100k/week is enough for me at the moment. May increase as my long runs become - well..... longer.