Friday, 18 January 2008


The number of miles I have run on 3 occassions this week - the same route. An easy run over this distance in 01:09:28 (08:05 pace @ 131HR) on thursday morning after my little hill reps on wednesday and again this morning in 01:08:32 (07:58 pace @ 145HR) The only difference for this mornings run being that the programme called for 8 x 75 Secs @ 3k pace "sprinkled in". Sounds like a baking receipt with "sprinkling" conjuring up images of nice and relaxed movement - far from it. My 3k pace is now a challenging 05:48/mile according to McMillan (or 03:37/km to our metric brethren, don't get me wrong the EU is metric - it's just that it's a slow transition, 35 years and counting). For the four sprinkles that I actually measured afterwards (Google earth) my pace was between 05:15 and 05:30 - no wonder I found the going tough. I certainly must have slowed during the recoveries to give the 07:58 average pace for the run. Last week with only 5 x 60 second sprinkles the average pace was 07:53 @ 145HR. The main thing is the training effect of the sprinkles though not the overall pace. 2.5 miles on the treadmill at lunchtime finished off the days running. I do these treadmill runs over 4km -1km each @ 11.5, 12, 12.5 and 13 KPH (there you go transition in motion) and hope that the effort (HR) will come down over time (at least changes in HR for the same environmental conditions will indicate improvement or perhaps overtraining) Have a good weekend.

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  1. We've been metric for so long I always have to convert mile pace to kilometre pace when reading up-over blogs. Funny, as when I learned to drive, the speedo was still in MPH.

    3:37/km is good - you should try a 3000m time trial and see if you can break 11 minutes.