Saturday, 12 January 2008

Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Ahh the stuff of dreams - for me anyway. At the moment it seems so far off despite what my recent form on other distances might indicate. I have a history (albeit short) of not performing as well at the marathon distance as my performance at other distances would indicate. Marc commented a few days ago "at this rate a sub 3 hr marathon will be in..." I was going to post "November, don't know what year though" but then I thought some more, how about "2:59:59" too flippant so I though some more and have now fixed on "2009 if I'm lucky" well maybe it will be less to do with luck and more to do with " 2009 if I continue to run and train responsibly" So 2009 it is. My objective this year is to qualify for Boston. As my current PB is just over 2 minutes shy of the mark it should be achievable - although this was my target for my last 2 marathons. Today's run of 11.4 miles in 01:35:40 (08:24 pace) felt so far off 3 hr or even 3:30 marathon performance that I'm glad I have 20 weeks to go before I have to churn out 26.2 big ones. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and happy running and convalescing.


  1. Sounds like a solid plan. Given how far you've come in two years, and your never ending improvements, it should be in your grasp. Um...if you stay away from the BUd, that is. :)

  2. Focus on the goal; train sensibly and you'll achieve it. To be able to answer with "two hours and..." when asked your marathon PB is special. I wish I'd made a serious attempt when I was running my good half marathons.

  3. Funnily enough that's my target time for the same year (Boston 2009 to be exact), but I've got to sort out a little problem first.

    You f***ed up the link btw. Thanks anyway.