Thursday, 2 August 2007

Gone Fishing

2 easy runs on Wednesday and Thursday. Woke up later than expected on wednesday morning so only managed 4.2 Miles from the Gym ( I don't want to resort to the alarm clock to wake up just yet - if my body doesn't wake naturally it aint running) - anyway I felt tired from tuesdays effort (12 hours previously) and kept to a slow pace (average of 08:28 @ 124 HR). I had it in the back of my mind to do an easy 6 miler in the evening, to make up the mileage, until I was reminded of a committment to go mackerel fishing with two guys from work - so I headed off to west cork in the late afternoon and took a boat out of Rosscarbery (boat is a strong word - we were in a 10 foot rib with an outboard motor) This was my first time fishing from a boat - had to move around a bit to find the fish and despite early disappointment we landed 10 mackerel between us which was five each (one of the guy's didn't take any as his wife doesn't like the smell of fish and won't allow them in the house). Not a bad way to spend the evening bobbing up and down in a boat with only the gulls and seals for company. As I was cooking dinner this evening "fish of the day" was on the menu - very tasty. Anyway back to running - as I did not get back from my fishing trip until after midnight I rested this morning (I normally try to get a swim in on tuesdays and thursdays) and did 9.14 miles in the local park after work. While my left quad still felt tender I took it easy. The run felt good (rest certainly does improve the running experience) and I finished the 9.14 miles in 1:13:20 (08:01 pace @ 130 HR - a good pace at this HR for me). I might incorporate my friday hard effort in saturdays long run instead (run 8 to 10 miles at 150 HR) and run easy tomorrow to see if the ache in my left quad eases. If the ache continues or worsens after the weekend I will consider doing all easy runs or, god forbid, rest for a day or two.

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