Sunday, 19 August 2007

Cork 1-16 (19) Meath 0-9 (9)

Cork won the football semi-final against Meath yesterday which means they go on the meet the winners of the Kerry v's Dublin semi-final which takes place next weekend. I travelled to Dublin with Anbhthan yesterday to see the match in Croke Park (1990 was the last time I was there - shows how big a fan I am). Anyway it was Ani's day, which she enjoyed immensely. This was her first time at a football match and what a first time venue it was. It was more like a hotel than a football field. We were served drinks and lunch while the minor semi-final between Galway and Kerry was on (Galway won) - although Ani spent most of the match outside on the stand.
37,000 were in attendance, well short of the 80,000 capacity.

Afterwards she posed for photographs with her (Dublin) Cousin, Robert. It's easy to see who Robert will be supporting if Dublin make it through next weekends semi-final. I think he does it to rise his Dad (a true Dub supporter)

The rest day was certainly worth the smile on Ani's face.

Over the six running days I completed 74 odd miles as follows:-

  • Mon - 10 Miles (07:39 pace @ 136 bpm - park)
  • Tue - 10.75 Miles incl 2nd Hadd Test
  • Wed - 10 Miles (08:17 pace @ 131 bpm - park)
  • Thur - 10 Miles (07:28 pace @ 142 bpm incl 8 miles at 07:16 pace)
  • Fri - 10 Miles (08:07 pace @ 132 bpm - park)
  • Sat - 23.4 Miles (07:59 pace @ 136 bpm)
This morning was too wet and dark to run in the park so I completed 12.1 miles on road. As it started out wet and dark I ran in a running jacket with a reflective vest over it. At the end of the warmup mile I felt hot and clammy in the jacket and considered taking it off and holding it, before putting it back on as more rain threatened.
As I had a rest day yesterday and I am travelling to the UK for 2 days work tomorrow I decided to get one of my "harder" training runs in (i.e. circa 8 miles @ 150 HR). After a mile or two at the harder effort I felt I had enough as running in the jacket felt uncomfortably warm (the Irish answer to warm weather training). I ran on with the intention of finishing after 4 or 5 miles at the higher HR (before I hit the hills) However as the run progressed I felt more comfortable even though my HR had risen to 150 and beyond (hills).
I ran in to Cork along the Straight Road, Mardyke and Western Road and looped back via the College of Art, College Road and Model Farm Road against a headwind. I eventually completed 9 miles at the higher effort before warming down over the final 2 miles.
The total run of 12.1 miles took 01:31:20 (07:33 pace at 147 bpm avg) The 9 faster miles were at an average pace of 07:23 @ 152 bpm avg.


  1. Don't get the kids too excited about the final. They will be torn apart by Kerry (ask any Mayo person for references).

    We'll have to meet up in Blarney. If the course is the same as last year, it will be 7 miles slightly uphill and 6 miles slightly downhill (the finish is a mile from the start). It's a lot less hilly than Bantry; there's just one real hill, around the halfway mark, but it definitely isn't flat. And yes, PRs should be on the card.

  2. Kerry still have to get through Dublin. Either way Cork shouldn't pose too much of a problem, based on recent performance. Meath were atrocious on sunday.

  3. That was a solid effort for the 12.1 mile run - nicely in the 'upper aerobic' range.

    We had light rain during our warm-down run tonight. My first running in the rain for 2 months or so!