Friday, 24 August 2007

Another Hard Effort

Completed my second harder effort (150 HR) run of the week today, covering 10 miles in 01:13:44 (07:22 pace) with the middle 8 miles at 07:16 pace. My HR monitor decided to go on a roller coaster ride following the warmup mile registering a HR of 181 for the next 3 miles before dropping to 168 until mile 6. The effort however felt about right which was borne out my 07:16 pace (same pace for an identical run I complete Thursday of last week) . While I felt tired towards the end I think I am reasonably refreshed heading into tomorrow's long run. The average pace for the 10 miles is a few seconds faster than my most optimistic target marathon pace of 07:26 (3:15 Marathon) - I'm no fool however, while I might tough it out for another 10 miles, I'm well aware of the impact the last 6.22 miles of a marathon can have on a otherwise healthy body.


  1. A good 10 miler there Grellan. I hope the 10 goes as well tomorrow.

    They have 4 start waves for the City to Surf. Used to be 3, but in recent years an additional first one is reserved for runners who run sub-75 (5:21/km) in the previous years' race. This cuts down the numbers to about 6,000 in this wave. It's a wide street and I was lucky to move well forward when they moved the dummy start up to the line about 10 minutes before the gun.

    You should do it one year!

  2. Just read my post - meant the 20 tomorrow!