Thursday, 9 August 2007

Staying with HADD

More thoughts on yesterdays 5k race. If my running watch had been working and showing a sub 6 minute pace during the first mile I probably would have eased back to target pace (06:20/25) to conserve energy and therefore not run as good a time as I did. I should not rely on my watch to set the pace during short races, feedback on every mile is enough to let you know how you're doing. Ewen is right, aerobic training is sufficient for a Marathon. I am inclined to stay with HADD and do the limited speedwork recommended, reducing the risk of injury and therefore allowing me to keep the weekly mileage relatively high, which I think is more important in improving marathon performance. It doesn't mean I won't have fast runs or avoid hills in my training. It will just be less structured. Following last nights race I did 6.8 recovery miles in the park this morning in 01:00:45 (08:56 pace @ 127 HR) with the intention of doing a few more recovery miles in the evening before Abina went to work - no such luck, I had to take the 3 girls to the cinema and Saran on a play date to keep him happy. I'm convinced that the morning is the best time to run - less unplanned interruptions.

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