Thursday, 23 August 2007

A Series of 10 Milers

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the UK visiting water treatment plants to view activated carbon dosing systems (very exciting) that are used to remove pesticides and taste and odour issues associated with algae in raw water. Carbon is great for removing toxins and impurities and I'm told that it is administered in hospitals to junkies who overdose (as seen on ER). Carbon tablets are also supposed to be great for a hangover.
We stopped overnight in Higham in rural Derbyshire (at the edge of the peak district) and I managed to get in a run through the back lanes around Ogston reservoir. I followed a hilly bridle path down to the lake did a loop of the lake along quite roads and back to the village via. a steep hill which went on for a mile (HR shot up to 160 - easy pace) An attempt to run cross country via. a public path ended up in a farmyard with barking dogs (didn't wait around to see if I was on the right path) The loop was about 6.5 miles so I did a couple of laps through the village and got the distance up to 9.5 miles before deciding to call it a day. The pace average was 08:01 at 144 HR.
When the plane landed in Cork early yesterday evening I went to the gym so that I could get a run in before I went home. It was warm and sunny for a change so I ran to the park and did a couple of loops. I also tried some new paths for a change and ended up negotiating tree roots, nettles and ducking under fallen branches. By the time I had finished I was feeling tired and dehydrated. The result of my detour from my normal route was a slower 08:16 pace @ 139 HR.
This morning I went for an easy 10 Miler in the park. I was tired from my trip ( which as well as running involved a few late night drinks) and the previous evening's run and it showed. I ambled along at an easy pace as it was all I could manage finishing the 10 miles in 01:25;36 (08:34 pace @ 124 HR). I felt tired all day and found it difficult to concentrate. An early night is called for if I am to get a decent run in the morning.

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