Saturday, 18 August 2007

All Ireland Football Semi-Final

I'm off to the all-Ireland football semi-final early tomorrow morning (Cork v Meath) with my youngest daughter, Anbhthan (Ani for short) so it looks like tomorrow will be a rest day (as far as running is concerned). I got the tickets through work - left over corporate hospitality - too many Clients on holiday. Ani is more of a fan than I am, she will be wearing the full team kit. Yesterday I completed another 10 mile run in the park at a target HR of 135. I completed the run in 08:07 pace @ 132 bpm HR. Today's long run saw me repeat last weeks run except that I extended it out the Blackrock Road to Blackrock Village and back into town along the Marina on the south bank of the River Lee. The run was fairly even paced throughout although I upped the pace and HR slightly over the last 3 miles (07:44 pace). Overall I completed 23.4 miles in 03:06:56 (07:59 pace @ 136 average HR). All in all a good run that I was comfortable with throughout, even for the increased effort at the end.

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