Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I was away from the office today on business in Tramore so I had dinner in the middle of the day. As I was hungry I had a starter and main course - something I'm not used to. When I got home at 1830 hrs I headed for the local park instead of the usual track session as my daughter Safan, who also "trains" at the track did not want to go. There was an orienteering event on in the park when I arrived with people running all over the place with maps in their hands. I certainly looked the odd one out, running in the opposite direction to everyone else and without a map. I had planned 5 loops of 2.35 miles with 3 (7.05 miles) at a faster pace ( target HR of 150). The warm up mile felt tougher than usual with the pain still in my left quad (knee and hip felt fine) and a bloated feeling in my stomach - the heavy lunch was having a effect, even though it was now 4.5 hours later. I managed to up the pace for the next 8 miles but felt more uncomfortable than usual with a lot of gas generation in my stomach - thankfully it passed after mile 3 or 4 ( I though running would help reduce my carbon footprint - not today) and the heaviness eased somewhat. I eased up the pace for the final miles - although my HR remained relatively high ( HR monitor behaving erratically towards the end as it recorded a 178 HR during the last mile - didn't feel tough.) I finished up doing 11.9 miles in 1:30:52 (average pace of 07:37 @ 147 bpm). The average pace for the 8 faster miles was 07:21 per mile. This is the first month since I started running that I ran every day of the month leading to my highest monthly mileage of 288 Miles (up from 277 miles in April). Nothing compared to some of you mega milers out there.

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