Sunday, 29 July 2007

Recovery Day

I read somewhere that it is very important to run recovery runs at recovery pace (i.e. do not be tempted to go fast just because it feels good) With this in mind and given that I was out with friends last night and didn't get to sleep until 0215 hrs I headed out to the park at the later time of 0910 this morning. I did a similar run to thursdays run except I added an extra 2.35 mile loop of the park to give a total of 11.5 miles. With a total time of 1:42:24 (08:54 pace at avg HR of 120) this was one of my slowest runs in a long time. Tom, thanks for your comments and encouragement yesterday. Like you and Amy I am just an ordinary runner sharing my experience with others and looking for advice on how I can run better. I had been reading running blogs for the past number of months before deciding to start my own less than two weeks ago. This week has seen my highest weekly total since I started running. A total of 75 miles run as follows:- Mon 8.7 Miles (08:47 pace @ 124 bpm) Tue 9.4 Miles (07:33 pace @ 149 bpm) Wed 8.7 Miles (08:13 pace @ 131 bpm) Thur 9.1 Miles (08:13 pace @ 130 bpm - Park) Fri 8.7 Miles (07:28 pace @ 145 bpm) Sat 18.8 Miles (08:08 pace @ 131 bpm) Sun 11.5 Miles (08:54 pace @ 120 bpm - Park)

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  1. Just found your blog; your paces are reasonably similar to mine. Unfortunately I can't make Dublin this year, which is why I'm heading for Loch Ness. Good Luck for the BQ, which, incidentally, is one of my goals, too.