Monday, 30 July 2007

Beautiful Day

As I increase weekly mileage during this conditioning phase I'm conscious of the fact that I should try and avoid injury by not doing any runs that could be interpreted as speedwork. In addition I should try and run off-road when ever I get the chance. Therefore this morning I headed for the local park again with more or less the same run as yesterday (except I ran from the gym). The sun was rising over a clear blue sky burning the mist off the scoccer pitches by the river - couldn't have asked for a better way to start the day. It started off cool and began to warmup towards the end of the run. I covered 11.5 Miles in 1:31:45 (08:00 pace at 131 HR). The twinge in my left quad is still there along with intermittent discomfort in the left knee and hip - hope it's not a sign of trouble ahead.

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  1. Hi there, always nice to see a new blog popping up. I'm following the same advice of trying to get off-road whenever I can.