Sunday, 22 July 2007

Up Tempo

Set out this morning for a MP run of 11 miles on a loop from my house in Ballincollig into Cork along the Model Farm Road and out the Straight Road (2.5 miles of flat straight road along the banks of the River Lee). The aim was to complete 10 miles at a target HR of 150 bpm. After the warmup mile I found it difficult to get my HR up to the targeted 150 bpm - managed to get there towards the end of mile 3 when I met my first hill. The stiffness in my left quad following yesterdays 17 mile long run disappeared during the warmup mile However it has returned as I sit writing this blog - may have something to do with the 45 k cycle Adrian broght me on afterwards - now that he has scaled back on his running. The effort felt easier after 4 or 5 miles as I got into my stride and left the few hills on the Model Farm Road behind me. Overall time of 1:23:41 @ avg HR of 146 bpm over 11.25 miles (7:26 pace) - 1:13:04 for 10 miles (7:18 pace). This is my fastest pace at this HR since following HADD Total mileage this week is 67.7 (nearing my PB of 71) as follows:- Mon 6.7 Miles (08:35 pace @ 130 bpm) Tue 8.2 Miles (07:44 pace @ 148 bpm) Wed 9.5 Miles (08:29 pace @ 132 bpm) Thur 9.0 Miles (08:21 pace @ 131 bpm) Fri 5.8 Miles (08:05 pace @ 133 bpm - Mainly on Grass/Trail) Sat 17.1 Miles (08:07 pace @ 137 bpm) Sun 11.2 Miles (07:26 pace @ 146 bpm)

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