Monday, 23 July 2007

New Shoes

Out at 0600 hrs this morning for an easy run before the gym. Did the same loop as yesterday expect I started at the gym which shortens the distance by about 2.5 miles, so I should have recorded about 8.7 miles with the polar footpod. Instead I recorded 9.34 miles - must not have secured the footpod securely to my new shoes. Checked distance run between the Cork City Marathon 22 and 20 mile markers on the Model Farm Road and recorded 2.1 miles (about 5% over recording). Since the last time I calibrated the footpod I have generally under recorded distance by about 3% (What can I say I like to be conservative). I will have to keep a check on recorded distances over the coming week. The run itself was slow as the tightness in my left quad was still there and the legs were tired from yesterday. I didn't even try to get up to the training HR of 135 bpm safe in the knowledge that you can never run too slow. I figure a HR under 135 bpm would still yield the same training effect. The new shoes are half a size bigger than the last pair as I was beginning to feel the first stages of blisters developing on my toes. One of my toes on my right foot was bleeding yesterday following my run (must remember to cut toenails) Actual Distance of say 8.7 Miles in 1:16:25 (8.47 Pace @ 124 bpm)

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