Thursday, 26 July 2007

Some Easy Running

The last two days called for easy runs at a target HR of 135 bpm. Headed out yesterday at 0600 hrs on the same loop as Monday covering 8.76 Miles in 1:12 (8:13 pace) with an Avg HR of 131 bpm. Mile splits varied from 8:03 to 8:22 generally depending on where I met the inclines. I'm still getting used to getting up to run this early as most of my previous training was in the evenings. However I wake naturally and never need to use an alarm clock. This may be different when winter darkness sets in. This morning I completed a similar distance (9.14 miles) but over different terrain. I warmed up over a downhill mile from my home to the local park where I did 3 loops of 2.35 miles on a combination of grass and gravel path. The ground was firm underfoot despite the overnight rain. Running in the park certainly feels different than on pavement. While the ground is less firm and sometimes I feel more effort is needed to push off from the yielding grass surface the pace and HR were almost identical to yesterday's run (8:13 at 130 bpm). While running on uneven surfaces poses a higher risk of injury the benefit, if I run sensibly, should be stronger ankles. Miles splits again varied from 8:03 to 8:23. Tomorrow calls for a increase in effort followed by a long run on Saturday morning. There is a dilemma looming in the form of the Company BBQ tomorrow evening. If I go I run the risk of drinking far too much to enable me to get up on Saturday morning let alone run. I'll keep you posted.

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