Monday, 26 October 2009


My 2 previous Dublin marathons left me wasted well before the finish line. Today was time for revenge. 1) I was going to beat the course and 2) I was going to enjoy doing it. Conditions were perfect for running, mild with sunny spells and little wind. While my 7:00 opening pace did not materialise I wasn't too far off the mark and from the few clocks around the course my splits were approximately:- 10k - 44:xx 21.1k - 1:33:3x (Halfway) 30k - 2:12:xx Finish - 3:09:23 (3:08:58 on the Garmin - 7:12 pace) My fueling strategy went to plan as I loaded up with sugar right to the 24 mile mark. It was only the last 2 miles that felt tough as my pace slackened to 7:40 minute miles. My average HR of 160 (despite it rising above this earlier than expected) suggests that my heart is stronger than my legs - so there may be room for improvement. Time for a shower and the drive back to Cork...........I hope my legs survive the journey! More later..................... Mon 26th October 26.2 miles in 3:08:58 (07:12 PACE @ 160hr) - Provisional result of Dublin City Marathon - beat my PB by 8 minutes.


  1. Excellent run Grellan!

    Really pleased when Thomas texted your time.

    Recover well


  2. Well done Grellan! A big slice off the previous PB. Sounds like a really well executed plan.
    I did 03:00:26. Suffered badly with cramps. Thought I would DNF at one point.

  3. Well done Grellan. I'm delighted for you. I had a more sedate 3:34 but am now back in Cork with an ice cold beer (had to have 2 naps on the drive home!)

  4. congrats.. sounds like it went to plan. Well deserved PB ... makes all the early mornings worth it.

    Strengthen those legs and the sky's the limit!! :)

  5. Grellan

    That is a big chunk to take off your PB! The sub 3 is well within your reach now.

    It is a good sign that you were able to run relatively easy until the last few miles. This is how the marathon before my sub 3 went. All the others I stuggled off and on in many different stages.

    Still even if you retired today you can be proud to have run that well. Congratulations!

  6. Fantastic run! Very impressive race.

  7. Smoking time, Grellan! Well done! Rest and recovery well, look forward to the full report.

  8. Good stuff Grellan! A sizeable PB and a well run race - what more could you ask for?

    It was even worth losing $20 on Centrebet (I bet on Thomas) - sorry about that.

    Sub-3 looks possible for sure, so drop the silly Tris and go for it!

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  10. Great stuff Grellan. That's good, solid running. I was out cheering at 25 miles. Perfect day for it and delighted you got a result out of it.

  11. Grellan,
    congrats on a very fast time..
    it`s good to see you are still improving !


  12. Well done Grellan. That’s great running and good to meet you. You were flying it in the park.