Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tired Legs

My legs have been tired and achy since Sunday's long run. I could hardly call 12 miles a long run as it wasn't that long ago that I was exceeding that distance at least twice a week and I know some people wouldn't get out of bed for anything less than 15 miles. My aerobic system appears to be fine as the swimming and cycling has kept that going. It the old muscular/skeletal system that is creaking a bit as it gets used to running on consecutive days again. I trust that it will get better over the coming weeks. A easy recovery run on Monday morning was followed by a similar run today with 6 x 30 second hill sprints thrown in. It began to pour out of the heavens as I commenced the sprints which made the whole experience all the better as it took the edge off the effort. 30 seconds is long enough to get some decent fatigue into the legs but short enough to make it easily bearable, dare I say enjoyable. I concentrated on lifting the knees as I powered up the hill managing to keep good form for the 30 seconds - paces varied from 05:43 to 06:03 which is an improvement on last time. Just need to work on my endurance and i'll be as right as rain. Mon 27th July 6.8 miles in 59:19 (08:43 pace @ 119 HR) Tue 28th July a.m. 7.55 miles in 01:02:56 (08:20 pace @ 133HR) - w/ 6 x 30 sec hills p.m. 2.5 miles in 19:48 (07:55 pace - treadmill)


  1. I'm always amazed at people who can run and swim and bike. I can only run.

    15 milers really help with the endurance. If you need endurance go for those.

  2. 12 miles is plenty if you haven't been running for a while. And 6:00 pace is blazing fast for a hill sprint. I don't get anywhere near that pace.

    Sounds like you're doing pretty good.

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  4. Those hill workouts will do you well, keep it up.