Thursday, 30 July 2009

Another Brick in the wall

As it was too wet on Tuesday evening for my scheduled outing on the bike with Puds I headed out in yesterday morning's sunshine for a 24 mile cycle combining slow hill work with a bit of speed and finished it off with a 2 mile run at a comfortably hard pace. I was aiming for about 7 minute pace but surprised myself when the first mile passed in 6:38 and even more surpirsed that I managed to continue at that pace for the remainder of the run, therefore managing to get a 2 mile tempo run into a brick session.
Wednesday's scheduled 10 mile run was put off until this morning (I don't want to increase my weekly mileage too much over last weeks 41 miles). I was planning on a moderate progression whereby i'd increase the pace at a moderate effort over the last 10 minutes. Instead I decided to gradually increase the pace over the second 5 miles from 7:50 to 7:10 pace, shouldn't be too taxing. Surprisingly it was trying to keep pace for the first 1 or 2 of those miles that was challenging. Once the legs got used to the pace increasing it gradually from mile to mile was easirr although pushing the last mile (partly uphill) was more than a "moderate effort" and a bit below target - 6:52.

Wednesday 29th July Bike 24.46 miles in 01:20:03 (18.3 MPH @ 128 HR) Run 2.11 miles in 14:00 (06:38 pace @148 HR) Thursday 30th July 10 miles in 01:16:21 (07:38 pace @ 132 HR)


  1. "Thanks" for the video Grellan... I'd almost forgotten how tough my schooldays were!

    Looks like your running legs are returning to form - good to see.

  2. Thanks for your support Grellan. Yes, it feels good. All the best with your efforts too.

    As far as Ewen remembering his school days I doubt the old fella has such a long/good memory ;)

  3. Yes I do!

    I have an extremely vivid memory of the mini skirt Miss Black used to wear (and her legs).