Monday, 3 August 2009

More Focus

I finished out this week with 50 miles in the bag as I gradually build up towards Dublin in October (week 1/12). Certainly training for triathlon makes it difficult to focus on marathon specific training programmes, not that i'm complaining. Luckily with school holidays things are more relaxed at home with no rushing in the morning and organising (homework/lunches/bed) at night. My long run on Saturday morning was a 15 miler with Eagle AC on the loop out along the old Passage/Monsktown railway line and up over Rochestown Hill (steady 1.5 mile climb). I added a few miles at the start to get the 15 miles in. Running with others certainly makes it a more social activity and the time flies by. When I got back to my car the key wouldn't work as it had taken on moisture during the run. After sitting around for over a hour waiting for it to "dry out" I decided to run the 2 miles into Town and get a Cab home. I had though about running the extra 7 miles home but it was too early in my schedule for a 20+ mile run and my legs weren't up to the task. A couple of return visits to the car since Saturday and it still won't start so it's a trip to the garage tomorrow to see if I can get it sorted out (running from home does have some advantages I suppose). Sunday was bike time as I headed out on a wet and windy afternoon to cover a 34.8 mile loop to Coachford, Macroom and back home via. the main Cork/Killarney Road. The wind appeared to be against me no matter what direction I was travelling in and I was soaked through. This did not deter me from donning the runners when I got home for a quick 2 mile loop around the block at 7 minute pace to get used to the transition from bike to run. I find that a higher cadence for the first half mile of the run tends to thaw out my feet quicker and gradually increasing my stride length helps ease me into a faster pace. Whether I can maintain that pace for 6.22 miles next Saturday remains to be seen. The field next Saturday may not be as strong as that in Baltimore as Little Bo Peep is not on the National Championship Circuit.
Thur 30th July p.m. Bike 21.3 miles in 01:06:04 (19.4 MPH @ 136 HR) Hilly loop to Crossbarry, Halfway and Bandon Road via the Viaduct. Fri 31st July
Run 2.5 miles in 19:48 (0756 pace - Treadmill) - Easy Day
July (Run 144 miles, Bike 301 miles, Swim 7,500m)
Sat 1st August
15 miles in 01:59:38 (07:57 pace @ 131 HR)
2.13 miles in 17:36 (08:16 pace @ 135 HR)
Sun 2nd August
Bike 34.8 miles in 01:47:30 (19.4 MPH @ 136 HR)
Run 2.12 miles in 14:46 (06:57 pace @ 140 HR)
25th July - 2nd August (Run 50.75 miles, Bike 80.53 miles, Swim 2,900m)
Mon 3rd August
Run 7.74 miles in 01:03:24 (08:12 pace @ 126 HR) Recovery run


  1. Looks like your HR is behaving and staying nice and low. You should be in fine shape by Oct!

  2. Well done with the long run, and the bike. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do in Dublin. That is one race that the missus will support me doing in the next few years.

    How many races will you do (running or tri) between now and the end of October?

    Good luck with the running and the car!

  3. Mike, Yeah i've noticed my HR coming down, particularly over the last week or 2.

    Michael, I have an olympic disance tri next saturday and I was planning on doing a half 2 week after but I haven't signed up for it and the logistic of getting there for a 6 am start my well defeat me. As far as running is concerned I plan to do a half Marathon in Cork six weeks before Dublin (early September) and a 15 miler @ MP at the end of September. In between I hope to run a few five milers this month.

  4. I don't envy you riding in the rain (or running for that matter). It's so dry down here you'd have to throw the keys in the lake to get them to stop working!

  5. Triathlon training has the advantage that you won't have to worry about cross training. But make sure to switch to a more running specific training plan closer to Dublin.

    Be careful about the Cork-to-Cobh. As we've both learned last year, racing it all out is not conductive to a good marathon 2 or 3 weeks later.

  6. Well, it looks like you are back in the training groove. Good for you Grellan as I know you are going to do great in Dublin. It seems to me that the tri training will help and can't hurt.

    I am embarrassed to admit that I was running 6:08 on the treamill that day. I have a penchant for doing treadmill runs on Thursday as they are so much easier on my body. I have actually run as low as a 5:30 pace on a treadmill, but certainly realize that it does not translate to a 5:30 on the road. I would gues there is at least a 20second conversion factor.

    Take care and best of luck with your training.