Saturday, 18 July 2009

Work on my weaknesses

The results of last Sunday's Tri clearly show where most improvement can be made:-
Swim 23:38 - 43rd
Bike 1:33:05 - 78th
Run 41:54 - 55th
While I have put least effort/time into swimming (1 hour a week max), I appear to be more genetically predisposed towards it compared to running and cycling. However I only spent 14.9% of the time in the water compared to 58.7% of the time on the bike and 25.3% on the run (typical splits are 15%, 54% & 31%). So my genetic predisposition does me no favours in triathlons. So in the absence of any equilateral triathlons I gotta work on my bike, in particular, if I want to knock more minutes off my time. Interestingly the bike and run times for the 43rd positions were:-
43rd Runner @ 40:44 (just 1:10 faster , this should be achievable)
43rd Cyclist @ 1:26:52 (6:13 faster, more work to be done and greatest gains to be made)
Unfortunately not only am I up against it in training but if I want to improve my chances and compete on level terms a time trial bike is essential. However as Triathlon is still a passing hobby I'll stick to my road bike (for this year anyway).
I took Monday off for no particular reason other than I did not rise early enough to get a run in.
Tuesday's run was a 2.5 miler on the treadmill at lunchtime. After work I went out on the bike with Pat and Puds who put me through my paces, first on a high gear/low cadence hill workout and on the way home a 20 minute tempo session - legs certainly got a good trashing. Hopefully this will be a regular Tuesday evening jaunt.
It was only after the 10 miler in the park on Wednesday morning when I felt the effects of Sunday's race and Tuesday's cycle. In addition my Plantar Fascia started acting up during the run but the discomfort was manageable. I was not unduly worried as I've had a touch of mild PF before and it did not last long.
On Thursday, despite feeling tired all day, I headed to the track for the first time in months - I need to get used to the feel of energy sapping speedwork. I decided to cycle to and from the track over a circuitous route to get some extra bike miles in. I warmed up as usual stretched and joined Paul from Eagle AC who was on his last of 5 x 800m reps (he was aiming for 3:10ish). I was interested to see how this would feel. However shortly into the rep my PF raised it's ugly head and while I finished the 800 in 3:08 I decided to leave it at that and run the remainder of the session at an easy pace - no point in pushing it. I must say I miss the track.
Friday's outing was another 2.5 mile treadmill run (HR's slowly coming down)
This morning it was back on the bike for a brick session with Jim, my neighbour, out to Coachford south across the lake, up the long drag to the "windy gap", down to Farran and in the main road (about 24.5 miles) this was followed by a 2.9 mile run to/from the park.
Finally some photo's of last Sunday's tri are here which I have sorted through

Coming out of the water. I lost my yellow hat in the melee - luckily my goggles were strapped on underneath.

No. 200 - Heading up the hill out of Lough Ine with Connie in front.

Top of the hill - Victory


  1. Looks like you had to really work to get to the top of said hill in the last photo!

  2. It's quite apparent you're a natural in the water. You really post some impressive times in the swim. I took a few years before I made the plunge into the time trial bike but it sure made a huge difference. However the road bike will work quite well and perhaps adding a few upgrades can make a difference.

  3. Check out this link on plantar fascilitis;
    A time trial bike would help, but for now do you have tri bars fitted on your normal bike, this and a set of racing wheels with racing tyres make a big difference.
    The time trial bike would let you get into a more aero position, think Chris Boardman.

  4. The condition of the road doesn't look the best!

    I thought your swim split was good.

    Funny about the bike leg - in drafting races it's usually just a warm-up for the run (as is the swim for the bike). I think it's a conspiracy to make age-groupers spend a fortune on a fast bike and wheels so they can save a "free" 5 minutes.

  5. you should have been concentrating and not waving to the camera at the top of that hill - that's almost as bad as Connie singing!! :)

  6. Nice photos, though you might be able to save some time if you didn't wave:) Regardless, glad to see that you were having so much fun, remember, I'm living vicariously through you this year.

    P.s. watch the PF.

  7. I still can't imagine what it must be like to swim and then ride and FINALLY get to run. I am curious to see how much the swimming and biking will help you in the future as a runner. I have no experience with this and will be watching to see what it does for you.

    Best of luck Grellan.

    Great pics BTW.