Tuesday, 3 March 2009

1,000+ Miles

I put on my DS Racers as opposed to the Gel Nimbus this evening heading for the track to see how they would feel for Ballycotton on Sunday. I was a little surprised to feel a bit more support under my arches than usual (a bit lumpy if truth be told) and then it dawned on me - my training shoes are well worn. I bought them the month before the Amsterdam marathon in October and they must have at least 1,000 miles on them. This brought up the question that's been going around my head recently - do I need expensive cushioned shoes, will I suffer in the long run if I do not replace them or am I gradually weaning myself off cushions. I know if I buy a new pair they'll feel like cotton wool under my feet but do I need that feeling, should I have more contact with the surface I run on, be in touch with my environment and all that jazz. I don't know. Anyway I managed to churn out 4 x 800s in the DS racers with no ill effect other than the gasping bit at the end of each 800 (well 2 laps in lane 3 = 832m lets call them Irish 800s). Each rep was just 1 or 2 seconds under the 3 minutes with an equal time for recovery - very similar to the 30/30s or 60/60s that Thomas does except these were 180/180s. Thomas might know if 4 x 180/180 is equivalent to 24 x 30/30s. I managed to get all the key workouts in last week with 6 x 800s at the track on Tuesday (I was originally going to up the 10x 400s the previous week to 12 x 400 but time wasn't on my side so I doubled up on the 400s), 8 x 30 second hills on Thursday (preceded by a 20 min tempo run at about 06:29 pace but assisted by some downhills) and a 17.5 mile long run on Saturday. I even managed to get out on the bike on Sunday morning for a 21.5 mile loop taking in Ballincollig, Crossbarry, Halfway, Viaduct, Ballincollig - two nice hills there to get the lactic acid going. I shared some of the route with a group of three who came up behind me near the top of the first hill to Begleys Forge until we went our separate ways at Ballinhassig - apparently they were out for a short 3.5 hour cycle. Something tells me that I need more time on the bike if I want to be a bit more competitive in the triathlons. As for Sunday next I don't know how i'll do as I'm a little behind on the speedwork compared to where I was this time last year, which is not an oversight but more of a more gradual build up to the marathon in June. If I better last years time by getting under 65 minutes i'll be happy (I need a 2009 PB to steady the nerves). Mon 23rd Feb 8.62 miles in 01:09:07 (08:01 pace @ 131HR) p.m. 2.5 miles in 19:50 (07:56 pace @ no HRM) - treadmill Tue 24th Feb 6.97 miles in 55:47 (08:00 pace @ 137 HR) with 6 x 832m in 02:58/02:59 Wed 25th Feb 10.24 miles in 01;22:02 (08:00 pace @ 136 HR) - recovery p.m. 2.5 miles in 19:50 (07:56 pace @ no HRM) - treadmill Thur 26th Feb 9.85 miles in 01:18:04 (07:55 pace @ no HRM) with 3.1 mile tempo @ 06:29 pace & 8 x 30 second hills. I might have done better if I had had that second Guinness with Thomas the night before. Fri 27th Feb NIL - recovery from late night Thursday night - I did manage an exhausting 1,000m in the pool. Sat 28th Feb 17.5 miles in 02:15:00 (07:43 pace @ 137 HR) Transition Week 4 (Run 58.18 miles, Bike 21.31 miles, Swim 2,500m)
Don't know why I call it transition but I am a changing. February Total (Run 248.2 miles, Bike 21.31 miles, Swim - 6,500m) Mon 2nd Mar a.m. 6.84 miles in 52;39 (07:42 pace @ 138HR) p.m. 2.5 miles in 19:50 (07:56 pace @ no HRM) - treadmill Tue 3rd Mar 5.01 miles in 42:46 (08:31 pace @ 145 HR) with 4 x 832m in 02:57-02:59


  1. Yes, it's funny about cushioned shoes. I'm a bit the same - new shoes do feel good, but... I know in the old days runners trained in Dunlop Volleys which probably had less cushioning than your 5-fingers.

    I still use my original Frees (now falling apart), which must have similar mileage on them.

    Now we have Spira, which RICK will say are the best shoe since sliced bread and will take 5 minutes off your marathon time. At least they (supposedly) don't break down.

  2. Thomas has no idea if that is equivalent. They say that the 60/60s are much more demanding than the 30/30s, but that doesn't quite square with my (limited) experience. I wouldn't have a clue about 180s.

    What I do know is that you shouldn't use your shoes for so long. I'd replace them but maybe with a less cushioning shoe than the Nimbus. Have you ever looked at the Asics Stratus? I get them dead cheap online from the UK, and my feet seem to like them.

    Nice pace for the tempo run. I can only look at the numbers green with envy.

  3. 1000 miles for a pair of shoes........Mine are in the bin at 500 miles (max). I have learned (from painful experience) that I suffer without adequate cushioning and the physio is more expensive than the shoes.

  4. Hi Grellan

    That is quite an impressive bit of work you did in February!

    In terms of the shoes, you really should replace them. It is a bummer to have to purchase many pairs of shoes, but at the volume of training you are doing you will make yourself much more injury prone. At least that is what I think.

    Best of luck this weekend and hope your race goes even better than expected.

  5. Your training has been inspirational, I had a chat with the missus and I'm going to have a go at a triathlon this summer. As for Sunday, all the best!

  6. Yes, very impressive training and hope the 10 mile race goes well!
    its going to be exciting finding out whether its a Thomas or a Grellan thats first over the finish line!

  7. That's some solid training you got in at the end of the month. It'll all stand to you no end come Sunday.