Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Taking It Easy

Unlike Thomas I did not feel that natural instinct to get up early on Monday morning to go for a run. I was too tired from blogging the night before. Race reports can take a lot out of you.
The final race results have me at 217 out of 2,402 finishers with 5 mile splits of 32:50 and 32:10 - which is to be expected given the slow start and the fact that the wind was at my back for the second half. You'd think my 5 mile PB should be less than 32:03 at this stage. My best 10 miles remain the 64:44 I clocked on my way to the half marathon PB of 84:30 last September. Similarly my best 5 miler is the 30:59 I clocked on the way to my 10k PB of 38:15 last April - I don't think I'll be repeating that time this April.
As the track this evening was my first outing since Sunday's race I was in two minds as to whether or not I should leave Saran with the Junior club and go on an easy run around the roads surrounding CIT. In the end I decided to run a few 800s (4 max) with 400 recoveries. I finished 3 in all before easing off as my legs were beginning to feel heavy and the time for my HR to reduce below 130 after each rep was increasing (36, 54, 60 seconds). Still no lingering niggles from Sunday (apart form a bit of chafing) with just the expected leg fatigue.
. Tue 10th Mar 5.19 miles in 42:13 (08:08 pace @ 136 HR) w/ 3 x 800 in 02:59/02:59/02:57


  1. That was a very competitive race - 85 runners under an hour! We'd be lucky to get 10. In fact 65 minutes would be close to top-20.

    Sensible to cut the track session short. Have a good recovery, then back into it!

  2. Yeah, I found that writing a race report tired me out on Sunday, too. I think next time I'll write a report the night before the race and then make sure I'll follow its basic outlines to minimise the required editing.

  3. Good one Thomas! If only it were possible

  4. Great result Grellan! I was reading your race report and felt myself pulling for you as each mile was detailed. It is so interesting to think about the ups and downs we feel emotionally as we go through races. The calculations as we ponder where and how we will finish.