Sunday, 15 March 2009

Recovery Week Over

I finished this low mileage week with a very enjoyable 12.6 mile hilly run with Eagle AC on Saturday morning. We headed off from the entrance to the dog track shortly after 7:30 west out the Currheen Road to Maglin and then along a hilly route via minor (no traffic) roads to Balinora and Waterfall and back towards the City to complete the loop in just over ninety five minutes. The run was billed as a alternative to the hilly viaduct loop with "some hills" - that was a bit of an understatement as it was all up and down except for the start/finish. However after getting over the initial effort of the first few miles I felt quite strong on the uphills and ended up running with 3 others at well under the anticipated 8 minute mile pace - well that's what you get when running with Pat Twomey. Some extended the run with a few laps of UCC farm but I called it a day as I could feel a blister forming on my left foot - not a good start to my 500+ mile relationship with my new Nike Zoom Vomero's - hopefully it's a "breaking in" thing. Today was a day off running with a bit of cross training - a 26 mile bike ride in the morning and a dusting off of the rollerblades in the afternoon on a short outing with my 10 year old daughter - the prospect of toppling over certainly concentrates the mind - no falling asleep on the job here. Sat 14th Mar 12.58 Miles in 01:35:37 (07:36 pace @ 146 HR) Hilly. Transition week 6 (Run 40.1 miles, Bike 25.95 miles, Swim 1,000m.)


  1. running with your club and friends is a sure way to improvement! Running on your own limits your horizons! Pain and misery love the solitary person!

  2. Blisters with new shoes are fairly common - no need to chuck them just yet.

    I'd love to run with Pat Twomey on occasions. I get the feeling it might make me into a faster runner.

  3. Good running Grellan. Also with Brendan - I hope he doesn't expect you to carry on a conversation at the same time as blurting out a few swear words!