Sunday, 22 February 2009

Eagle AC 5 Mile Road Race

I headed out this morning at 9:15 for the Eagle AC 5 Mile Road Race in Carrigaline (21st Annual Tommy Ryan Memorial 5 Mile Race -11am start) I arrived 15 minutes later (a record) with laptop in hand as I had volunteered to help with inputting entries and results. I thought it would be easier than running the thing - I don't know about that now. This was the first time the club was using the "racemaster" software for the event so they called in the experts (don't know what I was doing there). About 80 had pre-registered for the race and had already been entered on the system. After a few glitches we got going in inputting details of those that had signed up on the day. Once this task was completed (after the race had finished) the results had to be input. Another few glitches had to be sorted with incorrect race numbers, double counting etc. and the results were out, but not as quickly as we would have hoped for. Thanks to John Walsh (East Cork AC) for trouble shooting. Brendan had a very good run in 30:40 over a hilly course. I finally left for home shortly after 3 pm. As this would have been a schedule "bike" day and I didn't fancy cycling to and from Carrigaline, especially with a laptop, I clocked a big fat zero on the bike this week. However I did manage to get a few runs in and keep the show on the road. Mondays run was a 2.5 miler on the treadmill (I thought I deserved a rest after Sundays long run) I compensated by doing a double run on Tuesday with an easy 5 miler in the morning and the usual visit to the track after work. My track session consisted of 10 x 400m intervals with 400m recoveries. I had done these for my two marathon buildups last year so I was in familiar training territory. The times (in lane 3) were between 82 and 86 seconds with the final one in 80, just to make sure that I was as strong finishing as I was starting. The 86 second lap involved a momentary lapse in concentration as I tried to run more on my toes (like the sprinters!). Adrian, who had brought his son to the Junior track session with Saran commented that I ran very upright with little body movement except for legs and arms. I generally took this to be good feedback except maybe that I should lean forward a little more. Hell I'm no expert. Wednesday mornings run was an easy 10 miler to help me recover from the speedwork the night before. By Wednesday lunchtime I was feeling more tired than usual which showed during my 1,500m swim where I clocked a time that was at least a minute down on my usual time. Come Wednesday night I had the symptoms of a head cold, which I sometimes get following a swim so I wasn't too concerned. However the symptoms, which persisted through the night, prevented me from going out for my Thursday morning hill session. (Un)fortunately I was well enough on Friday morning not only to go for a run but to get in the hill session I missed on Thursday. I decided to keep to the 30 second time (concentrating on speed and form) and up the number from last weeks 8 to 10. While my legs were noticeably leaden after the 4th rep they lasted for the full 10 with no significant drop off in pace (from slightly sub to slightly over 6 minute pace). Saturday was my scheduled 2.5 hour long run. Given the hill session the day before I wasn't expecting the same performance from my legs as last week. The route was more/or less the same as last week and the pace, which started slow improved throughout to give 20.12 miles for the 2.5 hours (07:27 pace @ 145HR) - slightly down on last week but not by much. My legs were certainly heavier during the last 5 miles or so and the general feeling of fatigue was stronger. As my HR for the first 2 miles averaged 168 (in error) my avg HR was closer to 142. I was incorrect when I said that last weeks run was the fastest long run ever (07:24 pace for 20 miles). While training for Cork last year (and just before I got injured) I ran a part marathon pace run at 07:14 pace @ 146 Avg HR for 17 miles (and the morning after 5 pints of Guinness) Mon 16th Feb 2.5 miles in 19:51 907:56 pace) treadmill Tue 17th Feb a.m. 5.27 miles in 41:57 (7:58 pace @ 132HR) p.m. 7.44 miles in 59:10 (7:57 @ 142HR) with 10 x 400m in 80 to 86 seconds Wed 18th Feb 10.2 miles in 01:22:28 (08:05 pace @ 133HR) Fri 20th Feb 9.26 miles in 01:15:07 (08:07 pace @ 150HR) with 10 x 30 s hills @ 06:00 pace Sat 21st Feb 20.12 miles in 02:30:00 (07:27 pace @ 145HR) Transition Week 3 (Run 54.8 miles, Bike NIL, Swim 1,500m)


  1. Great job on the training lately! Good mileage, and quick times.

    Nice about the volunteering, it's always nice to give back to the community.

  2. The last paragraph shows once and for all that Guinness improves running performance. Maybe you should down a dozen or so pints the night before Ballycotton.

  3. well done today. No 'Kettlegate' incident this year!!! Eagle put on a well organised & enjoyable run today with lots of tea and sandwiches afterwards (very important!!). There were stewards at every possible point on the course - just in case we decided to skip the hills!!! :)

    So is 20+ miles now your weekly long run - you'll be in great shape to run Slea Head soon!! And if you want you can start your Ballycotton race in Midleton just to get the miles in!! :)

  4. Brendan we might do that Slea Head run sooner rether than later - I was thinking of building to a 4 hour run in April (28 - 30 miles possibly more with you pushing the pace).

    I see the official results give you 30:45 (I was right with the 28th position though).

    Thomas, maybe I should wait until after the race to down the Guinness - but only if I beat you.

  5. Well done on the volunteering. I was expecting a different sort of race report. Awesome long runs too! When's the next marathon?

  6. Wait, did you say something about a "track" workout? I haven't seen the surface of one of these "tracks" in several months. I miss that!
    Way to go on volunteering, too!

  7. I think that's why we still use the "two printer timers and one handing out place-tags" method from the dark ages.

    Nice 400s and long run. You're doing well. Time to get back on the drugs, um, I mean pints of Guinness.


  9. I think I am going to embrace the Guinness training plan. If it works for you I'm sure it could work for me!

  10. I'm so impressed with the way that you have completely embraced the ethos of the marathon runner. I tried and completely failed and have reverted to type - the pub! Typical.

    Funny how it all goes around though. I've ended up working for this gang ( and wondered if you'd like to get involved?

    Drop me a line if you do through the site.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Hey, you're getting in some good runs.

    As far as form, as long as one foot goes in front of the other and you're continuing to improve (as you are), your form is perfect.

    When I first saw the race in your heading I quickly scanned for the inevitable PR but was very pleasantly surprised to see you on the other side of the time keeping. Have a pint on me for volunteering!