Friday, 11 March 2011

MAF Test #3

Conditions at the track were very similar to those for the previous tests. If anything there was a slight breeze but this did not impact at all. A 1 hour warmdown afterwards shows that I am in ultra territory. I was interested in Ewen's recording of heartbeats per km as a tool for assessing how training is going so I have added it to the table. I must be doing something right as the improvement is continuing and the drift in pace over the 5 miles is still dropping. The improved pace of 2 seconds from mile 3 to 4 is a first, which is more than likely due to the margin of error in pressing the lap button at the end of each mile, although it is encouraging that the last 3 miles were at a consistently steady pace.
I got a package in the post this week containing my fueling for Connemara, which will get a road test this weekend.


  1. great progression over the last few months, well done!

  2. Good to see the improvement still happening. Hardly any drift at all too. 606 beats/km is low. Thomas was 673 for the 10 mile race (I know a hilly long race is going to be higher)... 715 for me and I'm in good shape.

  3. Actually, I saw an improvement in pace on a couple of occasions during my own evaluations. I think it's a sign that your pace is not drifting any more, therefore any subtle difference in conditions can result in a few seconds up or down per mile.

    In any case, good progression. Looking good for Connemara - go on, set me a good target for next time!

  4. Looks good, see you in Connemara!

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