Monday, 14 March 2011

Foot Strike

It's difficult to tell from the attached photograph of the last 100m of yesterday's 5k whether i'm landing midfoot or forefoot. I suspect midfoot from the slapping sound I make (I assume I don't heel strike). I couldn't find any conclusive photographs from last weeks Ballycotton 10 either. As this is my last high mileage week i'm continuing to run despite the mild chesty cough i've developed. I know the rule that anything below the neck and I should stop running but the 16 miles I covered today in 2 runs felt fine and my legs felt fresher than they did this day last week so I'll continue tentatively. 6 days to taper!. BHAA ESB-Fota Island Hotel 5k 13-03-11 255 [Desktop Resolution]<>


  1. Nice job on the high mileage week, and way to cap it off with a race in VFFs. Hope the chest cold clears up for you... better now than rest day, eh?

  2. Ok I think I can help you with reducing your 'slapping'!
    first you need an open mind, taking into account you wear 5 fingers I guess you are pretty open minded already :]
    I got some really good advice from Chiropractor and natural body movement and posture specialist Scott Hoffman.
    gravity wants to pull you down, so always have the intention of pushing away from it in your mind.
    This does not mean you physically push away from the ground- only in your mind, this triggers your muscles into getting ready for for impact from the ground and stops you collapsing into the ground, wasting energy.
    You should feel more like a spring, reusing the energy from the ground.
    watch the video
    other points- keep your hips slightly forward this puts you closer to your GOG and reduces breaking forces.
    Keep your feet relaxed so they can absorb the shock as they spread out and the arch compresses.

  3. It'd be easier to tell if the stupid photographer didn't cut your foot off ;)

    Actually, I doubt one COULD run with a pronounced heel strike in Vibrams. Even with video footage sometimes the heel might tough the ground first ever so lightly, before a quick transition of most of the weight onto the mid-foot.

    Interesting link from Rick too!

  4. Hi Grellan, thanks for visiting. I am out of the Brighton Marathon. Not completely ruled out running Cork on June 6th, fitness permitting. Good luck with the remaining training and taper weeks

  5. Jamie, certainly the VFF's are great to run in are a welcome change from the normal shoes. Chest not too bad.

    Cheers Rick, you're a great source of information. Still using the trigger point and pre-run pelvic stretches links. Great stuff.

    Ewen, yeah photographers usually favour the head and neglect the feet. I agree I doubt if I could heel strike in the vibrams.

    Marty, it would be good to see you in Cork this time round. Sorry to hear about Brighton but you're better off not risking it and being out of action for longer.