Saturday, 6 March 2010

Pat´s in the bath...........

............., i´m on the internet and Adrian´s gone for a walk and a coffee. I guess we all need a bit of head space the night before a marathon, especially when we´re sharing a room.
Flew in yesterday evening and Adrian and I went into town for something to eat. Pat stayed near the hotel to conserve energy. Ate too much in an "all you can eat for €10.70" and arrived back at the hotel just after 12. Had a lazy morning climbing the hill to Montjuic after registering. Back into town with Adrian for a bit of shopping in Decathlon (got a nice pair of racing shoes for €29) We were joined later by Pat who took the sightseeing bus tour - back into the "all you can eat" establishment for a bit of carb loading. Pat offered me €100 to race in my new shoes tomorrow - he then lowered it to €29 when I said i´d take his €100. Perhaps I could be induced to "have a bad day" tomorrow if the price was right ;). be continued.


  1. All the best. Burn the road!

  2. Yes, we will be there in spirit so keep us in mind. You'll do fine!
    Enjoy the race and run hard.