Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Time to move on

I knew during the first mile of my 4th MAF test this evening that there was likely to be a reduction in pace since the last test and this was borne out by the results. Firstly I thought that perhaps I need a rest and hence the poor performance but I've come to the conclusion that it's just that there is no further benefit to be gained from pure "aerobic" work and that it is time to move onto the hard stuff. Although I wasn't expecting the signal to be a reduction in form - but there you are Mon 26th Jan 6.83 miles in 55:29 (08:07 pace @ 129HR) Tue 27th Jan 7.62 with 5 miles @ 07:23 pace & 143 HR.


  1. Fun times down the road then? Enjoy!

  2. I know that a decrease in the MAF test is supposed to be a sign that the aerobic work is finished, but I'm surprised you're there already.

    Anyway, enjoy the hard stuff. You know, the pain and the nausea and all that fun.

    Btw, are you training for anything specific yet? Apart from humiliating me at our next meet, I mean.

  3. Interesting test results! maybe you were just on a bad day!
    The main thing with just doing aerobic work is after a while you can get kind of bored with it!
    Anyway good luck with the next stage of your training.

  4. p.S. iF YOU LOOK AT MR lYDIARDS ORIGINAL TRAINING PROGRAMS FROM THE 60'S THEN YOU WILL SEE A GRADUAL PROGRESSION IN INTENSITY BUT STILL AEROBIC, INC TEMPO RUNS, FARTLEC RUNS OFF ROAD ON HILLY ROUTES AND LEG SPEED SESSIONS...if you have been doing mostly steady running for the last 3 months then it will be hard to keep motivated as your be getting very bored by now!

  5. Started hills yesterday.........not as much fun as I remember............and slower!

  6. I tend to agree with the comments above. Variety is a key element to any training programme and boredom can easily set in (vary routes, speeds, surfaces etc). Yesterday was probably an off day and not indicative of your condition. You could keep with the aerobic work but introduce one or two fartlek / tempo type sessions a week just to relieve the monotony.

  7. I tend to agree with Rick in that perhaps there was something about the day? Less sleep? Weather? Harder previous days?

    The MAF test is a guide - a good one, but not infallible.

    Anyway, if it's the hard stuff coming up... enjoy!

  8. Hey Grellan, I wouldn't worry too much about the HR data. I stopped using the HR monitor on daily easy runs because it would drive me crazy. "Two days ago I ran at X-pace w/ a HR of 147 and today I was 4-seconds/mile slower, but the HR was up to 149, what does this mean?"

    I found the mental break I got by removing the monitor for easier runs made a huge difference. I could just enjoy the run and not sweat the inevitable variances of HR that could have been due to 100 different things. (sleep, hydration, temperature, layers of clothing, etc)

    I'm sure your fitness is improving and that your training plan will be solid. Enjoy the running!