Monday, 19 January 2009

Falling behind

Last week was my first back to work after an extended Christmas holiday and so getting up early enough to get a run in before work (well before 0700hrs ) was quite a challenge.......a challenge that I only rose to twice in the week and so I called it a recovery week. Blogging was even more challenging...but it's the running that's important...isn't it. Monday was a rest day (first day back and I couldn't get up). Tuesday was track day, although the track was frozen so I returned home and did a steady run on the roads instead. On Wednesday and Thursday I finally managed to rise before six and get two decent runs in - still no double digit miles though. Two early mornings in a row was too much for this aging body and so I gave Friday a miss - it had been a while since I mixed work and play and I had to gradually wean myself back onto it. On Saturday I limited my long run to the 2 hour mark (recovery week and all that) and in the tradition of those teckie runners across the pond to the west I took some photos and video that I might just upload if I can get the hang of it and get the time! I can't even remember how much sleep I got or how my legs felt for each run but suffice it to say that I started to let my heart rate climb above the self imposed 143 aerobic limit - chomping at the bit to get a bit of speedwork in - this self restraint is tough - i'm just afraid that I won't like the pain now that it's so long since I embraced 2 x 3.5 miles & HM pace and mile repeats at the speed of light. Maybe i'm not ready for the shock yet. A 10 miler this morning and I am finally getting back into the swing of things. My legs felt fresh after the rest day on Sunday (apart from the scenic hilly bike ride) and the 133Hr for the 07:43 pace felt good. Tue 13th Jan 6.8 Miles in 51:29 (07:34 pace @ 146HR) HR anomaly for 1st mile @ 163HR Wed 14th Jan 8.62 Miles in 01:12:11 (08:22 pace @ 132HR) Thur 15th Jan 8.64 Miles in 01:12:11 (08:25 pace @ 127HR) - good HR if you can get it. Sat 17th Jan 15.88 miles in 02:01:56 (07:41 pace @ 149HR) -170Hr for 1st mile? Conditioning week 9 (Run - 39.9 miles, Bike - 21.5 miles, swim - 1.5k) Mon 19th Jan a.m. 10.09 miles in 01:17:49 (07:43 pace @ 133HR) p.m. 2.5 miles @ 07:56 pace (treadmill)


  1. A good rule to follow is that you can't allow yourself to spend more minutes on a blog post than you do miles on the run.
    I decided to impose this rule on myself after my last couple posts started getting really long...

    I don't do well with "recovery" weeks...I just like to keep running :)

  2. Running comes 1st! Blogging and techie stuff only when you have the time and inclination. 'We' like pictures and video very much, please kind sir!

  3. I'll put nwgdc's rule up there with one day recovery jogging for each mile of the race. Don't we all break it? I like to think that an absence of blogging means the blogger is running twice per day, 100+ miles per week ;)

    I used WAVA age-percentages for my goals, plus some intuition - the 5000 is a bit slower because it's often hot - 25-30C.

    Yes, bring on the video... but no lame jokes!

  4. I object to the lame joke prohibition. Bring 'em on!

  5. I started speed work over the weekend. Not fun. The speed came back but the recovery between the intervals was comical (pedestrian would insult pedestrians). I got a gift of a workshop with Catherina McKiernan this Saturday so hopefully she will be benevolent and not laugh!

  6. Falling behind?

    No, no, no, it's recovery.

    OH, and it's not so much being a techie, but rather that your American cousins are more comfortable with picture stories than the written word. I mean, why read the book when you can watch the movie?

  7. You could use the awful weather at the moment as an excuse for extended hours in bed. Niamh certainly thinks that anyone who voluntarily ventures out into those conditions is certifiably nuts.

    I'd take a video myself, but it's pitch black outside at my time.