Monday, 7 July 2008

Tri Thoughts

Thomas asked an interesting question on my last post in relation to my Tri 10k pace (07:02) versus my 10k PB pace (06:09) . I didn't really think about it too much as I was running at the maximum effort I could maintain at the time (it's all about achieving the overall result). In fact while I was running I thought I was doing over 8 minute pace it felt so slow (probably something to do with spending the previous hour and forty plus minutes on a bike) Garry provided some useful feedback on his HM PB versus his HM Tri PB (just under a 12% reduction in pace). My pace reduction was just over 14% - so not too dissimilar. I had a look at the results to see where I came in each discipline. I came 56th overall out of 127 finishers - 29th in the swim, 85th in the cycle and a 3 way tie for 18th in the run. So i'm best at running. However I must admit my swim training has been very basic (i.e. no intervals, drills, hill reps ;) etc.). Certainly I will get greatest improvement in the bike section as it take up over half of the event (notwithstranding unscheduled maintenance) On the run I was 13.5% down on the fastest time (9.5% down on the winner). This compares to being 19.5% down on the winner of my 10k PB race. Back to the marathon training schedule.................... While I was tired on Saturday evening I got up Sunday morning to get in my scheduled 14 Mile long run (I had already scrapped last Thursday's 3 x 1 mile @ 10k pace in favour of the Tri 9.5 k and was eager not to miss too many scheduled runs - anyway this would be a good test to see how well I was recovering) the only concession I gave myself was that I ran it at recovery pace. This is the first double digit run I completed since the Cork Marathon and it went surprisingly well, albeit at a slow(er) pace. Early in the run I was using one of the proprioceptive running cues recommended in the "brain training" programme, the Butt squeeze, quite a bit - that was until I got to the Kingseley Hotel and made use of an item made popular by Thomas Crapper. I managed another easy 5 miler on monday after work , the heart appeared willing but the legs protested a bit. They were still a bit lethargic for yesterdays track session (12 x 400m) where the effort felt harder as the session wore on and the times slipped a bit. 84 (146 HR) - 2:24R 87 (153 HR) - 2:38R 85 (153 HR) - 2:44R 86 (156 HR) - 2:55R 86 (157 HR) - 2:58R 86 (156 HR) - 2:56R 86 (157 HR) - 2:58R 87 (155 HR) - 2:57R 90 (154 HR) - 2:55R 87 (159 HR) - 2:58R 87 (158 HR) - 2:55R 87 (158 HR) At least I kept closer to the 3 minute active recoveries. A day off today, catching up on lost sleep, where I opted to cycle a few miles and cheer on those taking part in the EMC 5k road race. It all looked so effortless from the sidelines. Marathon Training week 1/16 - 40 Miles approx.


  1. hi,
    i did start the lydiard hill, bounding, high knee lifts ex in the winter, but stopped after tearing a calf muscle!
    i found out that a lot of lydiard trained runners stopped doing the hill bounding because of getting injury! inc the great John Walker.
    Also danny Dreyer advised me not to do any bounding etc.
    i had good results with; once per week doing a long run on the hills 2 hours, running 4-5 x 1 mile climbs at tempo pace, on another day I did short hills with the club, maybe around 150m, at a hard effort, hope that helps. p.s. check out the lydiard foundation for vid of how to do hill bounding, hopping, leaping etc.

  2. That's one way to ensure you're doing the proprioceptive cue, for sure.

  3. I have run a few miles doing the "butt squeeze".
    Overall your triathlon results are very impressive. You have a lot of upside in all the disciplines.

  4. Just to be clear...they butt squeeze was for reasons other than proprioception...right?

    BTW...what make of bike was that? Just to scratch it off my list!

  5. Grellan, great job on the Tri, and a great post! I felt your frustration with the saddle coming off - you handled it well.