Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Don't Like Thursdays

Thursday's speed workout is my least favourite and I can't say I look forward to it. Therefore I figure it must be the most beneficial. Today's workout was no exception with 5 x 1 mile @ 10k pace on the cards. Last week I only managed 3 of the 4 scheduled fast miles so I was already preparing myself for doing 4 of the 5 (can't increase workload too much - equivalent to the 10% rule and all that) As I woke a little late this morning I postponed the run until after work (temporary avoidance measure). I finally got out this evening in fine sunshine and warmed up over 2 miles on the straight road (westerly breeze). I settled for anywhere between 06:10 and 06:24 (40 min 10k) pace as I figured my current 10k pace is less than my PB pace (06:09) especially if last weeks run is anything to go by. I surprised myself by finishing all 5 miles more or less within target as follows:- 06:15 (157HR) - 01:40R 06:18 (164HR) - 01:53R - against the wind 06:12 (164HR) - 02:06R 06:25 (167HR) - 02:11R - against the wind (the worst mile hanging in over the 2nd half) 06:13 (166HR) - tailed a guy running in the road thinking I would pass him but he kept ahead by the same distance and appeared to be jogging comfortably while I was bursting my gut. I passed the half mile mark for each mile in 03:06/07 except for mile 4 (03:09). Bar Mile 1 my HR got up to 171/174 by the end of each mile but recovered to 123/125 during the 2 minute active recovery. Durint my last training cycle I did this session on the track (4 laps in lane 3 - 1.014 miles) in February with the following stats:- time, start HR, avg HR, end HR & (Mile equivalent time) 06:26, 101, 138, 160 (06:20) 06:20, 118, 157, 163 (06:14) 06:23, 126, 158, 163 (06:17) 06:24, 118, 159, 165 (06:18) 06:24, 111, 160, 163 (06:18)

At the time I commented on how easier it felt doing the mile reps on the track, where I could keep a better eye on the time (200m splits) - the average HR's certainly show that I suffered more today.

So far I'm more or less on programme this week. Mon 14th July a.m. - 4.1 Miles recovery in 34:24 (08:24 pace @ 121HR) - tired after Sundays long run. Legs: 6/10. Sleep: 6.5Hrs (6/10) Tue 15th July lunchtime - pool swim 1,000m (500m easy and 500m steady) in 20:01 p.m. - 13 x 400m in 84 to 87 seconds with 3 minute recoveries. Programme said 14 but I'd had enough even before 13. Only for a guy joining me for the last 2 I would have stopped at 12. Having someone with you can certainly increase motivation - even if he was covering the distance in 80 seconds in lane 4. Overall 8.76 Miles Legs: 7/10 Sleep: 7 hrs (7/10) Wed 16th July a.m. 7.69 Miles recovery in 01:05:59 (08:34 pace @ 125 HR) - run in the park followed by a resistance workout (the single leg squat jumps didn't look anything like the picture in the book) Legs: 6/10 Sleep: 6.5hrs (6/10) Thur 17th July p.m. 9.48 Miles in 01:13:07 (07:42 pace @ 149 HR) with 5 x 1mile @ 06:12 to 06:25. Legs: 7/10 Sleep: 8hrs (9/10)


  1. Nice. That's some good speed.

  2. Excellent workouts. You are certainly generating some good leg speed in your Thursday workout!

  3. The thought that the least liked workouts must be the most beneficial ones has occurred to me as well. At the moment Tuesday's hill repeats win that particular popularity contest by a mile for me.

    Nice workout.

  4. I tend to be able to run 800m-1,000m faster than race times suggest, but I always found running miles to keep me honest... too honest at times.

    Keep it up, the rewards will be worth it!

  5. Looks like your speed is back. Nice workout despite the procrastinating.

  6. You're going well. It's a bit hard to compare road and track sessions. I'd say the track is easier - you only have to deal with a head-wind for half a lap at a time, it's dead flat, and pacing can be made 'spot-on'.

    Nice to hear about the "fine sunshine" - we had that today, but it was a chilly 10C. Enjoy the tail-end of your summer :)