Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back in the Saddle

My Thursday speed session confirmed to me that the speed I had in my legs two months before the Cork Marathon is not back yet. The programme called for 4 x 1 mile @ 10k pace, which is now 06:09. As I am building up again I would realistically say my 10k pace is somewhat slower as I could just about manage three of the four miles - 06:09 (160HR) 2:22R - took longer than 2 mins as I went in search of a drink - to no avail. 06:11 (167HR) 02:04R 06:13 (167HR) - legs too tired & wobbly to try a 4th. I'm not too worried though - I should have expected it when I decided to cut into week 9 of my previous training programme. I signed up for the Little Bo Peep Triathlon in Kenmare on Thursday evening when passing through en route to Waterville. I brought my bike with me and headed for a return cycle between Waterville and Castlecove on Friday morning heading up to the beautiful Coomakista Pass I followed the 25 mile cycle with a 4 mile run. Saturday was a day of rest as I headed in to the Cork City Sports with Ani and Saran to see some of Irelands Olympic hopefuls in action. Paul Hessian, Ireland's fastest man won the 100m (10.21) and 200m (20.67). This distance is dominated by men of West African descent, so Paul's target is to get to the semi-finals and hope for the best. Alistair Cragg took silver in the 1500m (3:39.12) and the 3,000m (7:55.86) behind a Kenyan each time, although it looked like he was just getting race experience at 5k pace which is his speciality. Great to see how elite athletes compete. Today was time for my weekly long run scheduled at 15 miles. I covered just over 16 miles which got more comfortable as the miles increased. I finished off the weekend with a 21 mile cycle this evening to get some bike miles in my legs ahead of the triathlon which is only 2 weeks away (note to self get some swimming in also - I don't know if I'm taking this Tri thing seriously - how could I, it's only a bit of fun). Thur 10th July Run 7.75 Miles in 01:01:46 (07:58 pace @ 144 HR with 3 x 1 mile @ 06:09 to 06:13 Fri 11th July Bike 25.16 Miles in 01:36:22 (15.7 MPH @ 123 HR) Run 4.17 Miles in 31:59 (07:40 pace @ 138 HR) Sun 13th July Run 16.34 Miles in 02:07:50 (07:49 pace @ 133 HR) Bike 21.26 Miles in 01:10:36 (18.1 MPH @ 127 HR) Marathon Training Week 2/16 - 41.5 Miles

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  1. No doubt you'll be warming up the tele for Beijing. The distance track races and marathons will be fascinating (also the tris), considering all the hype about the pollution.

    Perhaps take it seriously enough to tighten up the bolt on your seat ;)