Saturday, 31 May 2008


I started the week with aches and pains (left IT band and Quad) after Sundays 15 miler - similar to typical post marathon aches. My scheduled runs this week included some short intervals on the track and a 2 mile tempo run. I gave the track a miss and instead rolled out 6.7 miles on Tuesday around the roads near home and felt reasonably comfortable. Following my final trip to the physio on Thursday for some last painful work on my IT Band I left the 2nd run of the week until Friday evening intending to get maybe 1 mile at tempo pace (06:30) in just to wake up my legs a bit. All-in all I completed 5.2 miles with 1 tempo mile and gradually eased back the pace:- 07:23 (fast warmup) 06:33 (tempo - good) 06:49 (easing back) 07:24 (MP ish) 07:45 (warmdown) 07:47 pace for final .25 miles. Overall the run felt quite good. Today my legs felt tired with a few mild aches but i'm putting that down to pre-race jitters. Picked up my number today (1551) and spend the last 2 hours assembling a basketball net and stand for Ani - don't think I pulled anything. My plan for Monday is to go out at 07:25-07:30 pace as my primary target is to get sub 3:20 and a BQ. Anything after that is a bonus. While I feel my legs should not cause me any trouble (well no more than normal for a 26.2 mile run) my lack of quality training (long and tempo runs) over the lask 6 weeks is likely to have the biggest impact. Thanks to everyone for wishing me well, I really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing some of you out on the course on Monday. Best of luck to Thomas, Richard & Pat (nextdoor) - may you all pull off PB's............And may the sun come out only after we all finish. Marathon Week 24/24 (12 miles so far) Tue 27th May 6.78 Miles in 51:32 (07:36 pace @ 140 HR) Fri 30th May 5.24 Miles in 37:48 (07:13 pace @ 152 HR)


  1. Good luck in getting that BQ Grellan. I've put the beers on Thomas for the 'win' - sorry about that mate, but we Aussies hate to lose!

  2. Best of luck on Monday ... you can't let those young guys beat you! Looking forward to the race report.

  3. You did it, I'm reallyhappy for you! Well done, enjoy some deserved R&R!