Tuesday, 11 December 2007

"Walking on Water"

This is the proprioceptive (hope I spelt it right) cue I am following this week to improve my stride/efficiency. basically I have to imagine I am skimming over water without sinking into it - i.e. get those feet off the ground as soon as they land. I tried this on an 11.4 mile loop on Monday morning (same loop as Saturdays run). I was fully expecting my cadence to increase and my stride length to reduce accordingly to give me more or less the same pace as Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I finished the loop in two and a half minutes less than Saturdays run and with a lower heart rate also. My stride length had remained the same and my cadence increased to the recommended 90/minute. Drive on. This evening I returned to the track and more or less repeated the 6 x 400m intervals (lane 3 - 416m) with Eagle AC that I did 2 weeks ago. After a 3.6 mile warmup on the road I didn't feel great and was expecting to be dragged around the track. 85 second laps were on the menu with plenty of recovery on an easy walk/jog for a lap. The first lap was the slowest but I got into my stride after a while, giving an all out effort for the last. Here's how they went:- 1:27 @ 144 HR 1:26 @ 154 HR 1:25 @ 159 HR 1:22 @ 158 HR 1:23 @ 162 HR 1:16 @ 162 HR (All out effort - HR Max of 173) The average heart rates were low as I was fully recovered at the end of each recovery (some last over 5 minutes). Mon 11.4 Miles in 01:27:20 (07:40 pace @ 139 HR) Tue 7.3 miles incl 6 x 400m Intervals. .

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  1. Good '400s' again. That's a good tip - push off fast; don't dwell on the ground :)