Friday, 21 December 2007

Marathon Training Week # 1

This week I started my 24 week ( I know it's a bit long - but I'll do other races in between) training programme for the Cork City marathon on 2nd June 2008. The programme is from Matt Fitzgerald's "Brain Training for Runners" (I'll try anything once). The programme I am "intending" to follow calls for 6 runs a week with the option of up to 4 other recovery runs or x-training sessions lasting 20 mins to 1 hour. As most of the runs, especially in the early weeks, are single digit miles I "intend" to add the optional runs to the end of them as I haven't time to tog out twice a day. On Monday I took a rest day (story of my life this weather) and lo and behold the training programme said "day off" when I checked it in the evening. - so far so good. The rest of the week went like this:- Tuesday Programme said...... 6 mile run with 2 x 30 seconds hill repeats at sprint pace Grellan did............... a.m. 6.7 easy miles @ 08:12 pace & 129 HR. p.m. 6.4 miles at the track (no hills) with 8 x 400m repeats (actually lane 5 or 6) in 89 to 94 secs. Legs felt tired. Wednesday Programme said......6 miles @ base pace (for me 07:40 to 08:30 pace) Grellan did..............6.7 miles "barefoot" miles @ 08:31 & 112 HR (HR must be wrong) No niggles with extending barefoot distance. Thursday Programme said.....6 mile fartlek run with 2 x 30 secs @ mile pace. Grellan did.............. 8.6 mile fartlek run with 5 x 30 secs @ mile pace ( I did this route with 5 x 2 to 2.5 mins @ mile pace two weeks ago) 07:33 pace @ 102 HR (HR wrong) Friday Programme said....... 6 miles @ base pace. Grellan did................ 11.4 miles @ 07:33 pace & 137 HR (real HR in 140's). I'm less than 1 week in and already I'm deviating from the programme Friday


  1. Deviating?? I'm sure you must be reading from a different book altogether. It seems you either need to trust the program or move on to something else. Good luck!

  2. I was going to say the same thing... for a start, you said the programme has 10 sessions a week, yet you're doing 6. I guess there are some aspects about it you like. You could call it the Matt/Grellan programme :)

    24 weeks isn't too long for a marathon preparation. 90% of runners are underprepared for a marathon. Use well spaced lighter weeks and you'll do well.

  3. Ewen. 4 of the 10 are optional and don't even have to involve running.

    As my weekly mileage going into the programme is greater than the weekly programme mileage (especially in the early weeks) I thought I would follow the programme but up the mileage on some of the runs.