Sunday, 16 December 2007

Party Season

Only completed 34.5 miles this week as some of my usual morning running slots were taken up with recovery sleeping after some late nights or early morning Christmas pudding making. Following Tuesdays intervals I did an easy 5.2 "barefoot" run on wednesday morning - no niggles at all (so far so good) - 08:28 pace (No HR monitor) Thursday - rest day. feeling tired. Abina got a 5 a.m. to make Christmas puddings before she went to work so I got up to give some assistance/encouragement. Friday - 11.4 mile easy run @ 07:57 pace & 140 HR. Felt tired. Saturday - 2.5 miles on the threadmill while I watched Ani & Saran @ their swimming lessons. Out until 3 a.m. at work party. Sunday - 6.7 miles steady 07:20 pace @ 144 HR. - out until 2 a.m. at friends house party.


  1. I can sympathise Grellan - it's tough balancing parties and running this time of the year. Good to hear the barefoot running is progressing well.

  2. Party on but having a running date the next day might make you a little more careful of how much you carry on. Happy holidays!