Saturday, 10 November 2007

Recovery Week

I completed 29.1 recovery miles this week and all the signs are good so far.
  • Tue: 5.0 miles in 00:44:36 - 08:55 pace @ 129 HR
  • Thu: 6.7 miles in 00:56:26 - 08:25 pace @ 142 HR
  • Fri: 6.0 miles in 00:48:58 - 08:10 pace @ 132 HR
  • Sat:11.4 miles in 01:27:44 - 07:42 pace @ 149 HR

Tuesdays run was with Adrian who hadn't run since the Cork Marathon in June - pace suited me fine as my right calf was still tender.

Fridays run was in the park at lunchtime with with Brendan at work. It felt good to run on grass for a change. It is too dark in the morning and evening to head to the park.

This mornings run felt good. While I can't say it was easy it certainly was comfortable and there were no aches and pains in my legs - the first real sign of recovery.

This is the 2nd of 4 recovery weeks that will get me back to a base of at least 50 miles per week before I decide on my next medium term target.

I had thought of going back to the Barcelona marathon in March, with the whole family this time but Abina is lukewarm about the idea. Apparently it is a dangerous place - Adrian and I are the only people she knows that went to Barcelona and didn't get robbed or pick pocketed. My experience last year was totally different - irrational fears are the most difficult to dispel.

Alternatively I thought about leaving the Marathon until Cork in June and going for the Edinburgh half marathon in early March as there appears to be a group travelling to it from Cork and I may join them. Or I may do something completely different. Decisions, Decisions - plenty of time to make them.


  1. That's the first time I've ever heard of Barcelona being dangerous. I twice spent a week there and didn't get into any trouble, and neither has anyone I know.

    Your heart rates for those recovery runs are very good, btw.

  2. Good luck with your decisions. The Canberra Marathon in April is a good one ;)

  3. You were really cooking on the Saturday run. Isn't it a little early to start pushing it on a longer run? Recovery takes time.