Monday, 19 November 2007

Another week down

Its been 8 days since I last posted, which is unusual for me. This is primarily due to the fact that nothing much has happened in the intervening period, I have had to compete with my daughters in the evening for internet time, been busy at work and our broadband connection has let me down on a number of occasions.
The week before last I went a bit wild on Amazon and ordered no less than three running related books. The first one to arrive was "Lore of Running" by Tim Noakes which appears to be the bible for running (nearly 1,000 pages). This will keep me going for quite a while I thought as I got stuck in.
Book 2 arrived a few days later "Brain Training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald which I first saw mention of on Mikes blog at the start of the month. As the forward was by Tim Noakes I couldn't help myself and got stuck in and have now temporarily dropped book 1 (until I finish book 2). Book 2 appears to advocate a totally different approach to training than anything I have seen previously. It is based on the premise that the Brain essentially controls everything related to running. From what I can gather so far the general training principle is to move your weekly quality training runs towards your target race pace and distance - if you want to run x miles at y pace there is nothing better than getting the body used to it. The training programmes start out with shorter and faster weekly quality speed sessions gradually easing the pace and increasing the distance towards race pace & distance and likewise starting the long runs at a slower pace and longer distance and gradually increasing the pace and reducing the distance towards race pace (except for marathons I would imagine). The 24 week marathon schedule has tune-up races scheduled for week 12 (5k), 16 (10k) and 20 (21.1k) gradually building towards the marathon - This would fit in very nicely with my build up to the Cork Marathon in early June 2008. as there should be a local half marathon in early May and a 10k in early April (as for 2007) All I have to do is find a 5k in early March.
I was so engrossed in Book 2 that I forgot the title of the third book I ordered until it came in today "Chi Running" by Danny Dreyer. Don't know when I will get around to reading it.
All this reading will do nothing for my running unless I get out and hit the road. My third week of recovery saw me complete just under 36 miles for no particular reason other than I didn't get around to running more. No rush. All my runs were relatively short with 6.6/6.7/6.7 mile runs on monday, tuesday and wednesday. Thursday I took a break and went for a lunchtime swim - 1,500m and no fatigue which I would have expected as I have not covered 60 lengths for 3 or 4 months. Friday was also running free, even missed the scheduled lunchtime cycle with Adrian. You can see where this is going - Triathalon around the corner somewhere.
My "long" run on saturday was cut short to 9.05 miles in the park so that I could get a 23 mile cycle in with Arian after without upsetting the domestic harmony that is my house on a saturday (shopping, kids swimming/horse riding lessons, even took in a cultural night at the theater with a drink after). Running in the park was a welcome diversion from the hard impact of the road and associated traffic. Yesterdays run was a return to the 6.7 mile circuit of earlier in the week due to time constraints. My legs are fully recovered at this stage and I could afford to break the mould and get in a decent medium long run - if I had the time.
Mon 6.6 miles in 00:51:15 (07:46 pace @ 144 HR)
Tue 6.7 Miles in 00:56:30 (08:26 pace @ 136 HR)
Wed 6.7 Miles in 00:51:30 (07:41 pace @ 149 HR)
Sat 9.05 Miles in 01:09:39 (07:42 pace @ 150 HR)
Sun 6.7 miles in 00:53:30 (07:59 pace no watch or HR - time approx)
I complete the same 6.7 mile loop this morning in 00:54:30 (08:08 pace no watch or HR - time approx) and a further 2.5 miles in the gym after work to give a total of 9.2 miles for the day.

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  1. One day I'll get Lore of Running.

    Brain Training sounds interesting, although I was wondering too, how does it relate to the marathon?

    We use a lot of repetition of 'correct patterns' of movement with middle distance runners, which is also 'brain training' of a sort.

    That's a good plan for June. 6 months is probably what you need.