Friday, 7 September 2007

Mixed Results

Have just returned from a round Ireland trip. Spent 7 hours in the car yesterday travelling from Cork to Waterford for a meeting and then onto Sligo for a conference today. Spent another 5 hours in the car this evening getting home. I still managed to get a total of 19.5 miles running in as well (some good and some bad miles). Before I left yesterday morning I did a short easy run in the park covering 5.3 miles at 08:25 pace (127 HR). When I arrived in Sligo yesterday evening I covered another 5.4 miles at a steady pace (07:38 pace @ 145 HR). While the run wasn't intentionally faster I felt comfortable throughout. This morning (Thursday) I set out around Sligo town with the intention of being out for about an hour or so. At 7 in the morning Sligo is like a ghost town - one or two cars about and a few street cleaners. I had tried to check out running routes in Sligo on "mapmyrun" in the hotel the night before but the internet connection was down (checked it out this evening - not much on offer). After 4 miles I ended running along the river bank and found a river side gravel walk that took me off the road for about 3 miles (out and back towards Lough Gill - very scenic) The pace was about 08:30 or slower, however the effort felt harder than it should have. As I returned along the river bank a tightness in my right calf developed into a cramp which forced me to stop and stretch for a bit before carrying on at a reduced pace and an altered stride to ease the tension (felt as if I was limping). This was the last thing I expected as I have only once had a cramp during a run (17 months ago). I took the shortest route back to the hotel and called it a day. I had been out longer than I had intended and covered 8.8 miles in 01:16:29 (08:41 pace @ 130bpm) - certainly a poor performance for the effort. The tightness in my calf remained all day which is worrying especially as I intend racing on Sunday. I have some physio scheduled for tomorrow morning which should help. I had physio a few weeks ago which seems to have got rid of the niggling tightness in my left quad that I had since the beginning of July.


  1. Geez, you've got a few niggles! I'd be most worried about the calf. The hamstring, if it's just soreness, should be OK. Give yourself the option of a DNF in the race if anything starts to hurt too much. Better that than not making the start of the marathon.

  2. That cramp is a bit worrying indeed. Stretching might help, and a massage would probably be even better, if done right.

    On the other hand, I think you're writing that to put me into a false sense of security for Sunday ...

  3. Thomas you have to forget about me as competition. My best target, injury free, is 90 minutes. There will be others to push your buttons.