Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Cross Training

I started the week with an 11 mile loop from the gym into Cork. During the warmup mile I felt the tenderness in my left hamstring. While stretching I also felt discomfort and could not stretch the muscle across the usual range. Instead of sticking to hard and fast rules I decided to run on feel . I ran at a fairly even and steady pace throughout the run (HR in the low 140's) only easing up over the last half a mile.
11.1 Miles in 01:23:44 (07:33 pace @ 143 HR)
The "temporary" loss of flexibility in the left hamstring will certainly affect my stride in the short term. Because of this, the fact that I intend competing in the Blarney Half Marathon this Sunday and the fact that I could lie in until at least 0700hrs this morning I decided to give my Tuesday morning run a miss and go for a swim at lunchtime instead. I covered the 1 km in about 20 minutes (not timed) with 750m at an easy pace followed by 250m at maximum effort.
I may not do much running over the next few days as I am travelling around the country (work related) and will not be back until late on thursday night - rest and recovery being the first prioroty and getting in a few easy runs coming in second.

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