Saturday, 1 September 2007

Back Running

My hamstring injury appears to be more of a strain - a groin strain at that. Don't get me wrong, it is tender especially when going down on my haunches. The application of deep heat on Thursday night appears to have eased the pain somewhat. I was In Waterford (Faithlegg House Hotel) on a training course over the last two days and decided to go on a run on Friday evening with Brendan, a colleague on the course, who is training for the Great North Run. The main aim of the run was (i) to see if I could run and (ii) if I could run - what was the impact of the strain. We set off at a reasonable pace from the hotel towards Waterford City - while I could feel the strain the running did not increase the pain. In fact as I warmed up I noticed it less. The route was quite undulating with few enough level sections. We ran five miles in towards the City in about 08:30 pace and turned back with the intention of equaling or bettering the time on the return leg. In fact we ran the return leg at just over 07:30 pace. I certainly felt the effort on the return leg especially on one relatively steep hill section. However my groin strain became less noticeable as other "temporary" tensions in my calves took over the number one spot on the discomfort stakes. All in all a pretty good run given my last doom and gloom post - however I'm still not out of the woods. 10.18 Miles in 01:21:36 (08:00 pace @ 137 HR)

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  1. That's good news Grellan. Keep taking it carefully until the woods are well behind you.