Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cream Crackered

The biggest legacy from last weekends 50 mile walk is a tired old body. My legs recovered pretty quickly with no real impact on my running muscles. However I could have slept for Ireland. My energy during the week was way down on normal. Running, while fine on the bio mechanical front, was a chore for my cardiovascular system. Easy runs felt less "easy" and a steady effort at 7 minute pace on Thursday felt like a Tempo run over the last few miles. So while my legs got away pretty much unscathed the rest of me was hit by a steam train with the traditional drop in normal running paces one would feel after an ultra. I just hope the effect is short lived and the 8:00 pace for tomorrow's marathon will not feel like 7:15 pace. 

On Friday I took delivery of a pair of the latest Vibrams to hit the market - the "Seeya". I received them from and am trialing them over the next few months for review on the Cork Running Blog. They're billed as the most minimal of minimalist running shoes, "designed to bring you closer to the barefoot sensation". It is not my intention to enter the cushioned/minimalist shoe debate. There's enough of than going on. I will simply offer my opinion, as someone who already likes and uses minimalist shoes, as to  how they feel to run in under various training/racing scenarios and perhaps compare them to the pair of Sprints I bought in back in 2007 - shown below for comparison purposes.

Finally, the best of luck to all those running in the Cork marathon, half marathon and marathon relay tomorrow. Enjoy! In particular good luck to clubmates Pat, Annemarie and Denis heading for the holy grail that is a sub 3hour marathon, Maura heading for a sub 3:15 (no bother to you Maura), Brendan, in his first marathon, with a target anywhere between 2:50 and 3:20 ;-) and Angela looking to get under 4 hours and qualify for Boston (Denis the menace Pacer is waiting for you at the start line). If you're target is anywhere near the 3:30 mark give me a shout in the morning - i'll be the one with the green t-shirt and the balloon. BRING IT ON!!!


  1. Who said anything about 3:20! I wonder if Asics will get me to trial their lastest shoe .... Please!!!! See yeah in the morning

  2. you some man for punishment grellan. i trust the pacing gig will go well. looking forward to seeing the start of the marathon. a nice leisurely half for me ;-)

  3. does this mean you'll be retiring the asics? they've only done 10,000 miles) have fun in cork.

  4. They don't look much more minimal than the old pair. Will be interested to see how you go with them.

    Good luck with the pacing - hope it doesn't feel too effortful. I've come to the conclusion that ultras do take it out of you - even walked ultras. Speedygeoff is still complaining that he hasn't recovered from the Canberra 50k and that was in April!

  5. Cork came around fast! And yes all the best with the pacing! Looking forward to the snaps post race.