Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oh the struggle of it all

My brother, who knows his way around youtube, posted the TV coverage of my marathon finish. Although his remixed extended version is far funnier. he'll make a career in movie production yet.
Warning, I do not look as pretty as Scott did at the end of the Osaka Marathon.


  1. The guy in blue beside you had the same expression on his face.

    Say, how did your brother manage to capture the videos in such high quality?

  2. That's a wonderful video - I've watched it a few times. "He's on the red carp... the green carpet I should say". A red carpet would be fitting as well, very inspiring.

  3. Brilliant - tell your brother he's a genius.
    Between the two of you, your sub-3 is now a true epic.
    BTW, you look 10 years younger without the beard.

  4. Thomas, he actually recorded it from RTE Player - camcorder on a tripod 6" in front of his computer - and there I was thinking he was a technical whizz.

    Cheers Trevor/Paul.

    Bob, yeah! I look rough with the beard alright.

  5. Yes, brilliant! Hey, if you gave the beard a trim you'd look OK - and you'd run faster AND wouldn't struggle at all!

  6. Great video Grellan.You look a bit shook alright but well worth it.