Friday, 4 November 2011

Dublin in Picture

Hitting the Phoenix Park after the 4 Mile Mark
(Courtesy of Joe Murphy)
200 yards behind the 3 hour pacers

Tucked in behind the 3 hour Pacers before making my move at Mile 16

Video near the crest of the last "Hill" at Mile 20.5

From leaders to those who came in around 3:10/3:15
I run past 16:45 minutes in followed 8 seconds later by the lead 3 hour pacer. Glad I didn't know he was that close. He didn't pass me for another 4.5 miles.

25.5 Miles - Sequence of Photos by Clubmate Joe Murphy Zone of Pain

Nearly There

One small step for man, one giant leap for.......


  1. The weather looked a bit ordinary! Decent hill there by the look of the 'speed' of the wheelchairs. Did a Kenyan tour bus get lost in Dublin?!

    Oh yes, get the beard back and you'll run 10 minutes faster in the next one ;)

  2. No I think the lack of the beard was the Secret to your P.B. :0]
    Looking lean and mean on the photos and you have an impressive stride length too!
    If we could all get our weight down to about 8 stone we'd be breaking world records for sure!

  3. The face of pain. Never letthe wife see that or she'll cut up the shoes.