Sunday, 3 April 2011

An interview with Tony Mangan

Nothing much happening as I finish off my second taper week with 42 miles in the bag so I though I'd share this interview with Tony Mangan in Brush Colorado 5 months in to his 3 year round the world jog - setting out from Dublin following the 2010 marathon and on target to return for the 2013 event. He's running a minimum average of a marathon a day for 1,000 days - makes Connemara seem like a 100m dash.
My paces this week have picked up as the volume reduces. Conscious of the fact that I need to reduce the stress on my legs I made sure and took it easy this morning - still the 120 HR gave me close to 8 minute miles - roll on Connemara.
Tue 29th Mar
Lunchtime 5.49 miles @ 7:19 pace & 131 HR,
Evening 9.76 miles @ 7:39 pace & 129 HR with 5 mile evaluation run @ 140 HR & 6:53 pace.
Thur 31st Mar 9.46 miles @ 7:27 pace & 134 HR

March (Run 380 miles, Bike NIL, Swim 1.5km)

Sat 2nd Apr 10.27 miles @ 7:12 pace & 139 HR

Sun 3rd Apr 7.8 miles @ 8:04 pace & 120 HR

Taper Week #2 (Run 42.78 miles, Bike NIL, Swim 1.5km)



  1. I tought 'e said a tousand days ;) Hope he's got a good shoe and pasta sponsor! Will listen for news when he hits these shores. Hopefully he'll run through Canberra.

    That's an amazing HR for 8-minute miles - your cardio system is certainly going to do it easy.

  2. Your On form Grellan.. im lookin forward to seeing you and the others finishing this one and wish ye all the best.

  3. Your looking good for a great run, enjoy :]