Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Baring it all

My recovery from Connemara is progressing apace with two 5 milers at lunchtime yesterday and today, with no noticeable issues, other than the 7:33 pace today felt a bit tougher than it should have (still only 135 avg HR).
I headed to UCC Farm for a second run this evening in glorious sunshine to meet up with Denis for a run around the 2.3 mile grass loop around the playing pitches, with evening league teams warming up for their matches.
Following a 2+ mile warmup before meeting Denis I ditched the shoes and went for an easy barefoot run over 7 miles, enjoying the conversation more than observing any pace.
20 minutes into our run Denis, who has an eagle eye, compared to my myopic vision, noticed a girl in a dressing gown who had come against us -
"I could be wrong" he said "but I think she has nothing on underneath the dressing gown".
I on the other hand, hadn't even seen her and so we continued on our circuit. When our route took us back around Denis noticed again
"There she is again look" He said
I couldn't see a thing as we were still 200 yards away
"Is she naked" I said as my vision slowly picked out a naked form running across a pitch.
"That's her, streaking across the pitch" he said.
As we got closer she was running back towards us and her friends at the edge of the pitch, who were in hysterics. We gave her the thumbs up as we passed - not every day you get to appreciate the beauty of the female form in a natural setting.
Who said recovery runs are boring.
On downloading my run to Sportstrack I had to add my feet to the "New Equipment Schedule".
Model: Foot
Brand: Bare
Date Purchased: 24th December 1965
Expected Life in Miles: Now that's the six million dollar question.


  1. Damn, I'm doing my recovery runs in completely the wrong location!

  2. Damn, I could have been out there only for work. Damn. No pics?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. No pics Elmer, just a fuzzy memory.

  5. Good post! You're going to have to make up a more exciting name than 'Foot'! I've only had one similar experience -- years ago in Sydney. A naked couple asleep in the back of a station wagon. The group did a lap of the car to make sure our eyes weren't deceiving us.

  6. Well, I now know where to run next time I am home! Perhaps she is also an exponent of bare foot running but decided, why should it just be the feet who get all the fun!

  7. Grellan I would have paid to see that! By the way Ewen what's the going rate for that sort of thing thesesdays?

    While it would have raised an eyebrow or two with me I don't know if it's all the speed work I've been doing lately or whether I'm just getting old because I just don't seem to have the energy.

    When the wife asked me the other day "Do you want to go upstairs and make love? "I answered "I can do one or the other, not both!" ;)

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  9. The above is a scammer! Delete his bullshit when you see it Grellan.

  10. Cheers Scott. I saw the same comment on other blogs.

  11. Looking in the back of an HR Holden wagon is free Scott ;) By the way, I averted my eyes from the bloke.

  12. certainly brings a whole new meaning to minimal running, better get some new contact lens for your next encounter :0 }